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                            Inscrptions on Oracles

                   Published:2018-08-09 09:36

                            Yin Ruins' Inscriptions on Oracles-The Earliest Ancestor of Chinese Characters

                            The inscriptions on oracles of Yin ruins are the divination records of Yin royal court and the earliest mature Chinese characters known at present. The inscriptions on oracles are called the earliest archives in ancient China. Till now 150,000 pieces of oracles and 4,500 characters have been found, which contain substantial content and deal with a wide range of the social life in Shang dynasty. The content is connected with politics, military affairs, culture, social customs, astronomy, calendar and medicine. According to 1,500 characters, which have been recognized, the inscriptions have possessed six ways of making characters and revealed the particular charm of Chinese characters.

                            Yin Ruins' Oracle Tablet Forests-Particular Historical Textbooks

                            To help tourists and pupils recognize the inscriptions on oracles, we invited two famous experts Wang Yuxin and Yang Shengnan. They chose thirty pieces of oracles and carved some tablets according to the magnified oracles. These tablets have inscriptions on oracle bones on its obverse side and Chinese characters on its reverse side. Their content covers a lot of ground of Yin dynasty, such as politics, military affairs, agriculture, astronomy, calendar, sacrificing and so on.


                            Editor:Zhao Hanqing


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