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                            10 Good Teenagers from Henan Share Their Brilliant Stories Ahead of Intl Children’s Day

                   Published:2020-06-01 17:40

                            Compared to the Brightest Stars, 10 Good Teenagers from Henan Share Their Brilliant Stories Ahead of Intl Children’s Day

                            他们是最闪亮的星!“星空故事会”精彩开讲 河南10位“好少年”分享动人好故事

                            Ahead of International Children’s Day, a special and ingenious “Story-telling Session under the Starry Sky” was held at the News Briefing Hall of Henan Daily Press Group. At the ceremony, 10 teenagers from Henan, designated as the “Good Teenagers in the New Era” of 2020, shared their brilliant stories. (Replay)

                            “六一” 前一天,在河南日报报业集团新闻发布厅中,一场别开生面的“星空故事会”在这里精彩上演——10名2020年河南省“新时代好少年”分享了自己的好故事。点击看回放

                            Click the above to play video

                            Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the activity, in the form of a “Story-telling Session under the Starry Sky”, was livestreamed by Henan-based to spread the brilliant stories of these teenager “stars” to the whole society via the all-media platform. Their exemplary deeds were presented by short videos, telling stories, on-site interaction, etc. (Special coverage)


                            Award Ceremony

                            Facing his gravely sick father, he said calmly: “I’d like to donate as much bone marrow as possible as long as my father can recover.”

                            面对父亲重病需要帮助 ,他镇定地说:“只要爸爸能好,抽多少骨髓都行?!?/font>

                            Facing danger, he saved all the residents of the entire building by knocking at their doors one by one and calling the police calmly.


                            Facing the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she expressed her dauntlessness through graceful dancing.


                            Facing distinctive folk art, he worked hard and became an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage.


                            And etc.


                            Award Ceremony

                            They come from different parts of the province, but exhibit similar courage and kindness. Their faces and stories are twinkling like stars to warm people’s hearts.


                            At the ceremony, various short videos, face-to-face communication and touching scenes demonstrated their vigor and vitality, toughness and optimism, courage and persistence...


                            Talent Show

                            It is reported that, the activity, “Good Teenagers in the New Era” of 2020, was jointly organized by Henan Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office, Henan Provincial Department of Education, CCYL Henan Committee, Henan Women’s Federation, and Henan Provincial Committee of Caring about Next Generation. At the end of the ceremony, honorary certificates were issued to the 10 “good teenagers”.

                            据了解,“新时代好少年”学习宣传活动由河南省文明办、省教育厅、团省委、省妇联、省关工委联合开展,发布仪式的最后,会领导为获奖的“新时代好少年”颁发了荣誉证书。(文/安艳鸽 摄影/马绍坤 视频剪辑/李彤 翻译/赵汉青 实习生/朱清远 审校/白玉杰)

                            List of This Year’s “Good Teenagers in the New Era” of Henan


                            路子宽 男 11岁 辉县市百泉镇西井峪小学

                            Lu Zikuan, male, 11 years old, Xijingyu Primary School of Baiquan Town, Huixian City

                            李承泽 男 12岁 郑州市第八中学

                            Li Chengze, male, 12 years old, No.8 Middle School of Zhengzhou

                            肖乃军 男 16岁 商城县上石桥镇第二初级中学

                            Xiao Naijun, male, 16 years old, No.2 Junior Middle School of Shangshiqiao Town, Shangcheng County

                            冯之瑗 女 16岁 河南省实验中学

                            Feng Zhiyuan, female, 16 years old, Henan Experimental High School

                            王翛然 女 11岁 郑州市伊河路小学

                            Wang Xiaoran, female, 11 years old, Zhengzhou Yihelu Primary School

                            王泯燃 男 15岁 鹤壁市山城中学

                            Wang Minran, male, 15 years old, Hebi Shancheng Middle School

                            周沐卉 女 11岁 濮阳市实验小学

                            Zhou Muhui, female, 11 years old, Puyang Experimental Primary School

                            黄籽恬 女 13岁 洛阳外国语学校

                            Huang Zitian, female, 13 years old, Luoyang Foreign Language School

                            赵张?!∧?12岁 沁阳市实验小学

                            Zhao Zhangrui, male, 12 years old, Qinyang Experimental Primary School

                            岳昊然 男 10岁 平顶山市新城区湖光小学

                            Yue Haoran, male, 10 years old, Huguang Primary School of Xincheng District, Pingdingshan City

                            Editor:Zhao Hanqing


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