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                            Country Provides Clear, Real-time Answers on Outbreak

                            Clear and real-time information has been consistently delivered by the Chinese government during the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, research has found.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-06-04 09:30

                            China's Fight against COVID-19 Stands the Test of Time: Foreign Ministry

                            China's responding to COVID-19 stands the test of time and history with a clear timeline and solid facts, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-04 09:25

                            China Goes Deep, with 5G Network in Coal Mine

                            China's first 5G network in an underground coal mine started working recently in Shanxi province.

                            Source:|2020-06-04 09:24

                            China Accelerates Resumption of Railway Construction

                            China has been speeding up the resumption of major railway construction with a total of 115 under-construction projects nationwide having fully resumed work, the China State Railway (CSR) Group Co., Ltd. said.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-04 09:22

                            Chinese Mainland Reports No New Domestically Transmitted COVID-19 Cases

                            Chinese health authority said Wednesday that no new domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases were reported on the Chinese mainland on Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-03 11:39

                            China Completes First Mount Qomolangma Airborne Gravity Survey

                            China announced on Tuesday that it has completed the first high-precision airborne gravity survey for Mount Qomolangma and its surrounding region as the aircraft of the mission safely returned to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-03 11:38

                            Mission in July to Place Rover on Mars' Surface

                            China plans to launch a Long March 5 carrier rocket in July to send a spacecraft toward Mars that will land a rover on the red planet, according to the program's major contractor.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-06-03 09:38

                            China's Civil Code Published

                            China's newly adopted Civil Code has been published in book form by the People's Publishing House.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-03 09:37

                            Major Chinese Learning Platform Attracts 647,000 Users Worldwide

                            A major Chinese learning platform has attracted around 647,000 users from 152 countries and regions by the end of May, an official from China's Ministry of Education (MOE) said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-02 16:30

                            China Reports Improved Capacity of Medical Waste, Sewage Disposal

                            China's medical waste disposal capacity has seen steady expansion in 2020, the country's ecology and environment authority said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-02 16:09

                            Experts Applaud China's Efforts to Help Continent Battle the Pandemic

                            China's efforts to help Africa fight the COVID-19 pandemic are effective and timely, and the continent can learn from the country's experience in containing the virus, according to experts.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-06-02 16:04

                            China Steps up Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine Development

                            China's inactivated COVID-19 vaccine is expected to finish clinical trials and get ready for the market as early as the end of this year or early next year, according to developer China National Biotec Group (CNBG).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-02 15:27

                            Scientists Propose New Solution against Asteroid Threat

                            Chinese scientists have proposed a new solution to defend Earth from asteroid strikes, according to a study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-06-01 17:41

                            Over 95% of Migrant Workers Resume Work

                            The number of rural workers finding jobs in urban areas nearly doubled in the past two months, authorities said, providing momentum to the sweeping effort to stamp out poverty in the country this year.

                            Source:|2020-06-01 17:40

                            Domestic Coronavirus Vaccines Perform Well in Clinical Trials

                            Two experimental vaccines for the novel coronavirus developed by research institutions run by China National Pharmaceutical Group, also known as Sinopharm, have shown positive signs of efficacy and safety, raising hopes that a vaccine could be available a

                            Source: China Daily|2020-06-01 17:39

                            Designers Working on New, More Powerful Long March 11 Rocket

                            Designers have begun to develop an upgraded version of the Long March 11 carrier rocket called the Long March 11A, which they said will be wider and taller than the current model and have greater thrust.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-06-01 17:37

                            Long March Carrier Rocket Sends Two Satellites into Orbit

                            A Long March 11 carrier rocket was launched on the early morning of Saturday, sending two technology demonstration satellites into orbit, according to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

                            Source:|2020-05-31 11:41

                            China Honors Research Teams, Sci-tech Workers

                            BEIJING -- China honored ten research teams and 286 sci-tech workers on the nation's sci-tech workers' day, which falls on Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-31 09:22

                            Cabinet Meeting Lays out Tasks for Work Report

                            Effective delivery of all policies introduced in the Government Work Report this year must be made to meet the targets and tasks for economic and social development this year, the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-30 11:59

                            Two Sessions Point to Accelerating Reform

                            The annual sessions of China's top legislature and political advisory body sent out the key message that the country will likely accelerate market-oriented reform and opening-up in the second half of the year.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-30 11:54

                            China Stresses Fulfilling Economic, Social Development Goals for 2020

                            A State Council executive meeting on Friday stressed the implementation of policies and work to reach the economic and social development goals for 2020.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-30 11:35

                            China Shares Short Videos on Battling COVID-19 with World

                            BEIJING - A series of short videos telling the stories of individuals in the battle against COVID-19 in China has recently been produced and shared with the world.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-30 11:28

                            Key Takeaways from 'Two Sessions' in Special Year

                            At the eight-day two sessions, a key event in China's political calendar ending Thursday, the country has shown firm determination to eradicate absolute poverty and build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-29 11:14

                            Civil Code Adopted at Closing of NPC Annual Session

                            The country's first Civil Code-a fundamental and comprehensive civil law that refines rules for protecting civil rights and remedying their infringement-was adopted before the top legislature wrapped up its annual session on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-29 11:11

                            Central Govt to Keep Taking Measures to Stabilize Job Market: Premier

                            The central government will continue to stabilize the job market by providing support and employment services to job seekers this year, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-05-29 11:09

                            CPC Building Global Health Partnerships

                            The Communist Party of China has been actively working with political parties around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen international cooperation against the virus and build a global community of health for all, said Xu Lyuping, former vic

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-29 11:06

                            Chinese Researchers Develop Super-strong Material for Aerospace Applications

                            A Chinese research team announced that it has developed a super material with superior properties to ceramics and metals, promising to be a greener alternative for engineering plastics in fields of automobiles and aerospace.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-28 16:33

                            China's Civil Code Adopted at National Legislature

                            Chinese lawmakers Thursday voted to adopt the country's long-expected Civil Code at the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the top legislature.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-28 16:27

                            Bigger Role for TCM Urged in Disease Control

                            More efforts should be made to enable traditional Chinese medicine to play a bigger role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, top legislators and political advisers have suggested.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-28 16:25

                            Presidium of China's Annual Legislative Session Holds 3rd Meeting

                            The presidium of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, held its third meeting Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-28 10:27

                            Third Session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee Closes

                            The third session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's top political advisory body, started its closing meeting on Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-27 15:40

                            Senior Political Advisors Meet at Annual Session

                            The chairpersons' council of China's top political advisory body held a meeting on Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-27 15:34

                            China's Online Govt Service Platform Has 339m Users: Report

                            China's national integrated online government service platform has around 339 million registered users, according to a recent report.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-27 15:32

                            China's Top Political Advisory Body Holds Video Conference at Annual Session

                            China's top political advisory body on Monday held a video conference during its ongoing annual session.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-27 15:31

                            China Issues Guidelines on Disabled People's Wellbeing amid COVID-19 Control

                            Chinese authorities have issued guidelines on guaranteeing the basic wellbeing of disabled people amid normalized COVID-19 prevention and control, the China Disabled Persons' Federation said on Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-27 15:29

                            China to Enhance Public Health System to Better Protect People's Lives

                            China will step up efforts in building a stronger protection network in the public health domain to better protect people's lives and health as the country is shifting to COVID-19 regular prevention and control.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-26 10:46

                            5G Accelerating with 10,000 Base Stations Built Per Week

                            More than 10,000 new 5G base stations are being built in China every week, as the nation scrambles to accelerate commercialization of the super-fast wireless technology, the nation's top industry regulator said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-05-26 10:43

                            Top Legislature Prioritizes Constitutional Enforcement among Tasks

                            Ensuring the full enforcement of the Constitution will be one of the main tasks of the top legislature this year, according to a draft work report unveiled on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-05-26 10:41

                            Economy Likely to Maintain Stable Growth

                            Despite the lack of a GDP growth target, the economy will probably remain stable this year, with government policies focusing on ensuring employment and livelihoods.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-26 10:37

                            China's National Legislature Starts 2nd Plenary Meeting of Annual Session

                            The third session of the 13th National People's Congress, China's national legislature, started its second plenary meeting Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-25 15:37

                            Senior Chinese Leaders Attend Deliberations at Annual Legislative Session

                            Senior Chinese leaders Wang Yang and Han Zheng Sunday attended deliberations at the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the national legislature.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-25 11:18

                            Vice-president Calls for Steady Progress in Realizing National Rejuvenation

                            Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan on Sunday called for resolve and perseverance to ensure steady and sustained progress in realizing national rejuvenation.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-25 11:14

                            China's Scientific Development Is in Golden Age, but Challenges Remain

                            A renowned Chinese doctor has urged his peers to uphold the scientific spirit, keep searching diligently for objective truth, train capable talents that can collaborate as a team, and dutifully serve the nation and its people.

                            Source:|2020-05-25 11:10

                            China to Launch Online Global System to Predict COVID-19 Spread

                            A system to predict the spread of COVID-19 globally will be launched online on Monday, Chinese researchers said.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-25 11:08

                            With Arduous Efforts, a United Country Came through Virus Battle

                            The year 2020 is an unusual one for China, and for my career as a journalist. Since the beginning of the year, the novel coronavirus outbreak, which at first seemed to be just another unexceptional disease outbreak, quickly expanded in Wuhan, capital of H

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-25 11:06

                            A Quick Breakdown of the 2020 Government Work Report

                            Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the third session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on May 22.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-05-24 12:07

                            China's BeiDou System Offers More, Greater Applications

                            China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has offered services to more countries and sectors, said a white paper setting out the country's satellite navigation industry development.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-24 11:48

                            Chinese Leaders Join Discussions with Political Advisors

                            Senior Chinese leaders Saturday joined national political advisors in different group discussions at the third session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-24 11:41

                            Nation Hailed for Efforts in Pandemic Fight

                            China has acted as a responsible global player, both to its own people and those elsewhere in the world, in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to observers from the United Kingdom.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-24 11:39

                            Thinking Outside the GDP Box, China Set to Reach Development Milestones

                            Despite unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, China has vowed to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and win the battle against poverty in 2020.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-23 11:43

                            China's Low-orbit Broadband Communication Satellite Bears Fruitful Results

                            China's first technology experiment satellite for low-orbit broadband communication has completed more than 180 communication tests and generated fruitful results.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-23 11:38

                            Civil Code Will Advance Rule of Law, Say Legislators

                            China's first draft civil code, which is under review at the annual session of the top legislature, is essential to comprehensive advancement of the rule of law and will offer stronger protection of people's fundamental interests.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-23 11:36

                            Promising Results Reported in China's Coronavirus-vaccine Trial: The Lancet

                            The first COVID-19 vaccine to reach a phase 1 clinical trial has been found to be safe, well-tolerated and capable of generating an immune response in humans against SARS-CoV-2.

                            Source:|2020-05-23 11:25

                            Agenda of Third Session of 13th National People's Congress

                            The preparatory meeting of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) on Thursday adopted the following agenda for the session

                            Source: CGTN|2020-05-22 15:56

                            Highlights of 2020 Government Work Report

                            Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the third session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on Friday morning.

                            Source:|2020-05-22 15:40

                            Legislators Pay Silent Tribute to Lives Lost to COVID-19

                            Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders on Friday mourned for lives lost to COVID-19 as the country's top legislature began its annual session at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-22 15:24

                            China to Stabilize Overall Performance of Foreign Trade, Investment

                            China will further stabilize foreign trade and actively leverage the role of foreign capital, according to a government work report submitted to the national legislature for deliberation on Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-22 15:22

                            China to Strengthen International Anti-epidemic Cooperation

                            China stands ready to work with other countries to strengthen international cooperation on epidemic control, said a government work report submitted Friday to the national legislature for deliberation.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-22 15:20

                            Chinese Premier Stresses Protection of Biodiversity

                            Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday called for further efforts to implement major biodiversity protection projects and to enhance awareness of protecting wildlife resources in society.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-21 14:01

                            Beidou Navigation System Used in Majority of Countries and Regions

                            China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System has been used in more than half the world's countries and regions, according to the system's chief designer.

                            Source:|2020-05-21 16:43

                            China Starts Pilot Project on Whole-journey Luggage Tracking

                            China has started a pilot project for whole-journey luggage tracking systems at six major airports, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-21 13:56

                            China to Boost COVID-19 Testing

                            China will further expand the coverage of nucleic acid testing to enable early detection of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases as the country faces persistent risks of clusters of infections.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-21 13:54

                            What to Watch at China's 'Two Sessions' in Crucial Year

                            China's top legislature and political advisory body will hold annual sessions this week, more than two months after this key political event was postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-20 11:40

                            China Cooperating with WHO

                            China has given all-round cooperation with the World Health Organization and shared its up-to-date experiences in disease control, diagnosis and treatment with other countries since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-20 11:38

                            Largest Satellite Completes Testing

                            China's biggest, heaviest and most advanced satellite has completed all of its major technology demonstrations and verifications, a testament to the efficient design of the country's new-generation satellite platform, the DFH 5.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-20 11:36

                            Nation Promotes Self-driving Tech to Build Better Transport

                            China has been taking proactive measures to push forward the research and application of self-driving technology, which will provide strong technological innovation support for building a comprehensive modern transport system.

                            Source:|2020-05-20 11:35

                            Beidou Navigation System Plays Major Role in Many Chinese Products

                            By the end of 2019, Chinese products based on the Beidou Navigation Satellite System had been sold to more than 120 foreign countries and regions, playing a helpful role in a number of public sectors.

                            Source:|2020-05-19 16:01

                            China Calls for Global Support to WHO's Leading Role in COVID-19 Response

                            Director of China's National Health Commission Ma Xiaowei on Monday called for unity and coherence of the world as well as support to the leading role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in COVID-19 prevention and control.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-19 14:15

                            China's Top Political Advisory Body Prepares for Annual Session

                            The Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee met on Monday in Beijing to prepare for the upcoming annual session of the top political advisory body.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-19 14:14

                            Chinese Researchers Identify Highly Potent Neutralizing Antibodies

                            Chinese researchers have successfully identified multiple highly potent neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from convalescent plasma by high-throughput single-cell sequencing.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-19 14:10

                            More Details of China's Space Station Unveiled

                            After the successful maiden flight of the Long March-5B large rocket and the testing of China's new-generation manned spaceship, more details of China's space station have been unveiled.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-18 13:58

                            Passenger Flights in China Cross 10,000 Mark

                            The number of Chinese passenger flights on Friday reached 10,262, exceeding the mark of 10,000 on a single day for the first time since February, according to the country's top aviation regulator.

                            Source:|2020-05-18 13:57

                            China's Chang'e-4 Probe Survives 500 Earth Days on Moon's Far Side

                            China's Chang'e-4 probe has survived 500 Earth days on the far side of the moon while conducting a scientific exploration of the virgin territory.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-18 13:56

                            China Unveils Guideline on Advancing Western Development in New Era

                            China issued a guideline on advancing the development of western regions in new era to promote coordinated regional development on Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-18 13:54

                            Chinese Mainland Has 38,943 Travel Agencies: Report

                            The Chinese mainland had 38,943 travel agencies by the end of 2019, according to a report from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-17 13:08

                            China's Urban Employees See Higher Pay in 2019

                            The average salary of China's urban employees reported robust growth in 2019 thanks to the country's steady economic operation last year, official data showed Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-17 13:03

                            China Can Conduct 1.5 Million COVID-19 Tests a Day: Official

                            China is able to conduct 1.5 million nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 every day. Testing capabilities need to be further improved as work and production resume, said a Chinese health official Saturday at a press conference in Beijing.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-17 12:58

                            PLA Shares Experience in COVID-19 Fight with Militaries from Multiple Countries

                            The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has shared its experience in fighting COVID-19 with militaries from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Ukraine by videoconference seperately in early May.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-17 12:56

                            Equal Attention Paid to Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases: Official

                            China has been attaching equal attention to both asymptomatic COVID-19 cases and other confirmed cases, a health official said Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-16 11:28

                            Early Contagion Effort Timely, Open

                            China has made its best efforts to collect evidence and deepen understanding of the novel coronavirus and released reliable investigative results in a timely way since the outbreak's early stages.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-16 11:09

                            China to Adjust Annual Legislative Session Arrangements

                            China's top legislature will adjust its arrangements for the upcoming annual legislative session to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic and safeguard public health, a senior member of the legislature said Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-16 11:06

                            Report Shows Chinese Students Have Most Positive Attitude toward Online Courses

                            Chinese high school students had the most positive attitude toward online learning compared with those in the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK), according to a report released by China Youth Daily.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-16 11:03

                            China Launches Live Online System of Ocean Satellite Data

                            A live system of ocean satellite data archive and distribution has been launched in China, according to China Natural Resources News on Thursday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-15 13:42

                            Chinese High School Students Have Highest Preference for College Education

                            Nearly 90 percent of Chinese high school students intend to pursue higher education, according to recent research by the China Youth and Children Research Center.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-15 13:41

                            Over 17m Students in China Continue Higher Learning Online amid Epidemic

                            A total of 17.75 million college students in China had taken part in online learning as of May 8 since classes moved online in early February as college campuses were closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-15 13:39

                            China Drafting Law on Personal Information Protection

                            China is drafting a law on personal information protection, according to the Legislative Affairs Commission of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-15 13:38

                            China Confirms Cooperation with Canada on Vaccines Development against COVID-19

                            China is actively conducting international cooperation with world countries including Canada in drugs and vaccines development against COVID-19, according to a Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-14 14:05

                            China Makes Solid Progress in African Swine Fever Control

                            China is making headway in African swine fever containment, with cases of the disease dwindling since late 2018, an official said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-14 14:03

                            Chinese Experts Use Quantum Satellite to Ensure Time Information Security

                            Experts used China's quantum satellite -- Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) -- to verify quantum-secure time transfer for the first time, which laid a foundation for building a safe satellite navigation system.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-14 14:02

                            Scientists Report New Findings on Himalaya Tree-line

                            A Chinese research team has revealed that the interaction within tree populations can lead to tree-line shifts in the Himalayas due to climate warming, according to the latest study published in the Journal of Biogeography.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-14 14:00

                            China to Start Project on Admitting More Rural Students into Key Universities

                            China's Ministry of Education has made arrangements for this year's project to enable more students from rural and poor areas to be admitted to major universities, according to a circular on the website of the ministry.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-13 13:53

                            1 More BeiDou Satellite Starts Operation in Network

                            The 45th satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has started operation in the network after completing in-orbit tests, according to the Satellite Navigation System Management Office.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-13 13:52

                            Chinese Scientists Lead the Detection of Soft X-ray Polarization

                            Chinese scientists and their international collaborators have detected soft X-ray polarization from the Crab Nebula with their space program PolarLight, reopening the window of soft X-ray polarimetry in astronomy after more than four decades.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-13 13:51

                            China to Strengthen High-tech Application in Road Construction

                            China will accelerate the application of advanced technologies in road construction and road network management, according to the Ministry of Transport.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-13 13:48

                            Premier Solicits Opinions on Draft Government Work Report

                            Premier Li Keqiang on Monday chaired a seminar to solicit opinions from representatives of non-Communist parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and persons without party affiliation on the draft government work report.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-12 13:55

                            China Reports No COVID-19 Deaths for 27 Days

                            No additional deaths caused by COVID-19 were registered for the 27th day in a row on Monday, as the Chinese mainland detected one further confirmed case and another suspected infection among inbound arrivals.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-12 13:53

                            China's Legislature to Hold Session in May

                            The Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, will convene its 18th session on May 18 in Beijing, according to a statement issued after a chairpersons' meeting Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-12 13:52

                            E-commerce Pilot Projects to Be Created in 100 Counties

                            China will build e-commerce pilot projects in 100 counties by the end of 2021 to meet the supply and demand of agricultural products and open up more channels for farmers to increase their incomes, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-12 13:51

                            Chinese Scientists Develop Femtosecond Laser Tech for Graphene Processing

                            Chinese scientists have developed a form of femtosecond laser plasmonic lithography (FPL) which is capable of conducting graphene processing, according to Monday's Science and Technology Daily.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-11 14:40

                            Economic Rebound Seen for 2nd Quarter

                            China's economy will continue to rebound in the second quarter but the recovery pace may be constrained by external uncertainties and a global downturn.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-11 14:39

                            China Leads in Battle against Pandemic

                            China has been at the forefront of the global fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, sharing its experiences, expertise and donating supplies and equipment to countries around the world.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-05-11 14:03

                            Mt Qomolangma Remeasuring Team to Work on Route to Peak

                            A road construction team will work on a route to the peak of Mount Qomolangma on May 12 if weather conditions permit.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-11 14:00

                            China's New Ocean-monitoring Satellite Passes Factory Tests

                            China's new ocean-monitoring satellite HY-1D has passed factory tests, paving way for its launch at a suitable time, the Ministry of National Resources said Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-10 13:58

                            China Promotes Information Sharing on COVID-19

                            China has been actively sharing scientific knowledge on COVID-19 with global medical practitioners and researchers through multiple platforms.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-10 13:55

                            China Beefs up Efforts to Develop Advanced Medical Equipment

                            China will further promote the development of advanced medical equipment, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-10 13:51

                            Pandemic Demonstrates Need for Mutual Trust

                            In one way, the novel coronavirus has been a wake-up call for the world — one it has not yet fully recognized or understood.

                            Source:|2020-05-10 13:49

                            China Introduces Guidelines on Regular COVID-19 Epidemic Containment

                            China has put in place a set of guidelines to facilitate regular prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic, according to a senior health official.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-09 11:37

                            1st National High-level Medical Apparatus Center OK'd for Shenzhen

                            The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently approved the establishment of a national high-performance medical apparatus and instruments innovation center in Shenzhen.

                            Source:|2020-05-09 11:35

                            Malls, Supermarkets, Hotels to Be Fully Reopened in China

                            China is set to orderly open up public places and entertainment venues, according to a guideline issued by the State Council on Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-09 11:33

                            Health Alert Levels Lowered in Guangdong, Shanghai

                            Guangdong province and Shanghai municipality-the two major front-line areas to prevent and control people with COVID-19 entering the country-lowered their public health emergency alert from Level 2 to Level 3, local officials said.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-09 11:32

                            China to Scrap Foreign Investment Quotas to Further Open up Financial Sector

                            China decided to scrap quota restrictions on two major inbound investment schemes in a bid to further facilitate foreign institutional investors' participation in the country's financial market, authorities said Thursday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-08 14:23

                            China Completes Its First 3D Printing in Space

                            China has conducted its first 3D printing experiment in space in a newly launched spacecraft, according to the China Academy of Space Technology.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-08 13:54

                            Mt. Qomolangma Remeasuring Surveyors Arrive at Base at a Height of 6,500 Meters

                            A team of more than 30 Chinese surveyors arrived on Thursday at their base camp at an altitude of 6,500 meters, as they aim to remeasure the height of the world's highest mountain.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-08 13:52

                            China's Unmanned Submersible Completes Expedition Mission

                            China's unmanned submersible,Qianlong2, has completed its expedition mission in the southwest Indian Ocean, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Thursday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-08 13:49

                            Chinese Surveyors Set out for Remeasuring Mount Qomolangma Height

                            A team of over 30 Chinese surveyors left the base camp at Mount Qomolangma for a higher spot on its journey to the peak Wednesday as part of the country's mission to remeasure the height of the world's highest mountain.

                            Source: Xinhua/|2020-05-07 11:40

                            Prototype Spacecraft in Orbit Performing as Expected

                            The prototype of China's new-generation manned spacecraft has been in a good state since it was deployed into orbit on Tuesday evening, according to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the country's major space contractor.

                            Source:|2020-05-07 11:38

                            Govt to Boost Support for Jobs, Incomes

                            China will intensify policy support to keep employment stable and safeguard people's livelihoods, the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-07 11:37

                            Railway Traffic Rebounds during May Day Holiday

                            China's railway network witnessed a rebound of passengers during the May Day holiday as the novel coronavirus outbreak eased its grip nationwide, according to the country's top railway operator.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-07 11:35

                            Congratulatory Message Hails Long March 5B Maiden Flight

                            The success of the first flight mission of China's new large carrier rocket Long March 5B marks a good beginning for the country's space station program, said a congratulatory message sent by the central authorities on Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-06 13:52

                            No Local COVID-19 Cases Reported for 3 Straight Days

                            No locally transmitted cases of novel coronavirus infections have been reported on the Chinese mainland for three consecutive days as of Tuesday midnight, according to the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-05-06 13:50

                            Central Government Allocates 2.5 Billion Yuan for Rural Water Ecology

                            The central government has allocated 2.5 billion yuan ($354 million) to 55 pilot counties to fight rural water pollution.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-06 13:49

                            China Reports Zero Major Accidents, Natural Disasters in May Day Holiday

                            China reported zero major accidents and natural disasters as of 6 pm Tuesday, the last day of the five-day May Day holiday, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-06 13:48

                            Chinese Communist Youth League Organizes Themed Activities on Youth Day

                            The Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Central Committee unveiled an online activity for its members on Monday, China's Youth Day, in a bid to pass on the May Fourth spirit among young people.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-05 16:26

                            100 Million Travelers Spark Labor Day Tourism Surge

                            The Labor Day holiday saw a recovery in tourism, with attractions nationwide receiving over 100 million travelers in four days.

                            Source:|2020-05-05 16:24

                            New COVID-19 Cases Continue Low Single-digit Growth

                            COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland had maintained low single-digit daily growth for four days in a row on Monday with only one confirmed infection, and the day also marked the 20th straight day that saw no additional deaths.

                            Source:|2020-05-05 16:21

                            No Evidence Mosquitoes Can Pass Coronavirus: Top Expert

                            There is no evidence so far that the coronavirus can be transmitted by mosquitoes, China's top respiratory expert, Zhong Nanshan, said on Monday during a video conference.

                            Source:|2020-05-05 16:17

                            Lockdown Programs in China Prove Successful for Curbing COVID-19: Expert

                            The lockdown programs in Wuhan and other parts of China have proven successful and helpful for other countries for the effective control and prevention of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a world-renowned expert has said.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-04 15:40

                            Nominal Income of China's Impoverished Rural Residents Rises

                            China's rural residents in poverty-stricken areas saw their per capita nominal disposable income rise 2.7 percent year on year to 3,218 yuan (about 455.8 U.S. dollars) in the first quarter, official data showed.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-04 15:36

                            China Sees Sharp Increase of Registered Import, Export Enterprises in March

                            Chinese customs authorities recorded 26,709 new registered import and export enterprises in March, up 53.12 percent year on year.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-04 15:34

                            Epidemic Fight Boosts National Pride among Young Chinese: Survey

                            Chinese youths are giving higher scores to their national pride as the country gathered in solidarity amid the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-04 15:31

                            WHO Congratulates Wuhan on Clearing All COVID-19 Cases

                            The World Health Organization on Friday welcomed the news that there are no more hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China, praising its people's tireless efforts to combat the pandemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-03 17:35

                            China Protects Citizens' Freedom of Religious Belief According to Law: Article

                            China protects citizens' freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law, said a signed article published in response to a recent report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-03 17:32

                            7.37 Million Travelers Take Trains on 1st Day of May Day Holiday

                            Millions of travelers jumped on trains Friday, the first day of the five-day May Day holiday in China, for gatherings or sightseeing, the railway operator said Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-03 17:29

                            Around 150 Medics Sent Abroad to Help Fight COVID-19

                            China has sent 15 batches of medical experts totaling 149 to 16 countries to assist the fight against COVID-19, a government spokesman said.

                            Source:|2020-05-02 18:45

                            Study Confirms Accuracy of Chinese Data

                            A globally recognized fraud detection technique shows that China's COVID-19 data is not manipulated, a study has found, so policy makers in the rest of the world can trust the Chinese data and formulate policy accordingly.

                            Source: CHINA DAILY/XINHUA|2020-05-02 08:03

                            China Sees 23 Million Domestic Trips on 1st Day of Holiday

                            China saw more than 23 million domestic tourist trips made Friday, the first day of the five-day May Day holiday, with the domestic tourism revenue reaching over 9.7 billion yuan (about $1.38 billion).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-02 07:58

                            Disease Study in Nature Verifies China's COVID-19 Numbers

                            A research paper that has developed a new model to track the spread of COIVD-19 offered support for the reliability of China's official case counts.

                            Source:|2020-05-02 07:56

                            TCM Builds Credibility in Global Fight

                            TCM has proved to have a positive effect throughout the coronavirus prevention and treatment period, industry experts said.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-05-01 17:52

                            Astronomers Discover New Fast Radio Burst with China's Giant Telescope

                            Astronomers have recently discovered a new fast radio burst (FRB), mysterious signals believed to be from the distant universe, with the largest and most sensitive radio telescope ever built.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-05-01 17:46

                            Holiday Expected to Boost Passenger Flow

                            China is expected to see an uptick in travel during the five-day May Day holiday as the coronavirus outbreak has leveled off across the country.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-05-01 08:35

                            Li Urges Stronger Links with EU to Fight Pandemic

                            China stands ready to join hands with the European Union in strengthening exchanges and cooperation in areas such as epidemic prevention and control, and the resumption of economic development, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-30 10:57

                            China to Tighten Quality Control on Anti-epidemic Supplies

                            China will enhance efforts to strengthen quality control over anti-epidemic supplies and safeguard the market order amid the fight against COVID-19, said the country's top-quality watchdog.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-30 10:56

                            Beijing Lowers COVID-19 Restrictions

                            Beijing has lowered the intensity of its response to the COVID-19 outbreak from the top level to the second level based on the current situation, which will lead to adjustments of prevention and control measures.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-30 10:55

                            All Counties in Anhui Out of Poverty

                            The last nine poverty-stricken county-level regions in East China's Anhui province have been removed from the country's list of impoverished counties, according to an announcement issued by the provincial government Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-30 10:53

                            Two Sessions to Open in Late May in Beijing

                            This year's two sessions - China's most important annual political event – will be held in late May in Beijing, according to official releases on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-04-29 13:59

                            China to Restore Tolls Nationwide from May 6

                            China's Ministry of Transport announced to restore all tolls across the country from May 6.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-29 13:58

                            E-tickets in Use at All High-speed Rail Stations

                            All high-speed and intercity railway stations on the Chinese mainland will allow passengers to use electronic tickets, the country's top railway operator said on Tuesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-29 13:57

                            Chinese Alzheimer's Drug Wins FDA Approval to Undergo Global Clinical Trials

                            A new drug for Alzheimer's disease developed by Chinese researchers has won approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to undergo clinical trials on patients overseas.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-29 13:55

                            Number of Domestic Virus Cases Now Fewer than 100 in Country

                            China has reached a significant milestone in its battle against the COVID-19 epidemic as the number of locally transmitted infections nationwide has fallen under 100 and Hubei province's Wuhan has no remaining cases at its hospitals.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-28 15:09

                            Cybersecurity Rule to Take Effect June 1

                            China's new regulation on a cybersecurity review system, which aims to promote an orderly, secure and open cyberspace and safeguard national security, will take effect on June 1, according to the country's top internet regulator.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-28 15:07

                            China Launches Online Platform to Aid IPR Protection

                            China launched an online platform Monday to provide convenient and efficient assistance for intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, according to the National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-28 15:05

                            China Has 850m Online Video Users: Report

                            As of March, the number of online video users in China had hit 850 million, up by 126 million from the end of 2018, according to a report on China's internet development released Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-28 15:01

                            More Schools, Universities to Reopen in China

                            Southwest China's Chongqing municipality will partially reopen its colleges and universities, with the first batch of students to return to campus from May 11, authorities announced Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-27 14:13

                            China Extends Small Businesses Tax Exemptions by Four Years

                            China announced Sunday to extend tax exemptions by an additional four years to further improve the inclusive finance service for smaller businesses.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-27 14:11

                            China Eyes Network Infrastructure Update to Promote IPv6-based Internet TV

                            China will update its internet TV network infrastructure to promote the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) based services, authorities announced Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-27 14:08

                            Legislature to Decide on Date of 3rd Session

                            The top legislature is expected to decide on Wednesday on the exact timing of this year's plenary session of the National People's Congress.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-27 14:07

                            Survey Shows Epidemic Shaping Better Hygiene, Health Habits among Chinese

                            A total of 66.5 percent of the respondents in a recent survey said they have developed better hygiene habits during the COVID-19 epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-26 14:02

                            Chinese Doctors Share COVID-19 Tips with Foreign Peers

                            On March 24, Chu Qian, an oncologist at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, received an email from her former acquaintance...

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-26 14:00

                            Chinese Companies Confirm Quality of Exported Testing Kits to India

                            Two Chinese pharmaceutical companies said on Friday that their testing kits exported to India meet China's quality standard and those of countries they are exported to.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-26 13:57

                            China Warns of Heavy Floods in Northern, Northeastern Regions

                            China's Ministry of Emergency Management has warned of relatively severe floods in areas along several major rivers in the country's northern and northeastern regions.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-26 13:54

                            Chinese Premier: Stabilizing Economic Fundamentals, Securing People's Livelihood

                            Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has stressed confidence and efforts in stabilizing China's economic fundamentals and securing people's basic livelihood.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-25 12:47

                            2.79 Million Marriages Registered in China in Q1: Official

                            A total of 2.79 million couples registered for marriages in the first quarter, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-25 12:33

                            State Council's Online Inspection Program Helps Anti-virus Combat

                            Reports and suggestions collected through an online inspection platform launched by China's central government have helped the country's fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-25 12:32

                            All Severe COVID-19 Patients in Wuhan Cured: Official

                            As the last COVID-19 patient with severe symptoms was cured on Friday, cases in severe and critical condition in Wuhan, Hubei province have been cleared.

                            Source:|2020-04-25 12:30

                            China Provides Cushion for 128,000 Fishermen Following Yangtze River Fishing Ban

                            China has supported around 128,000 fishermen to lead a better life after they gave up nets and boats on the Yangtze River to observe a fishing ban to protect biodiversity.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-24 14:15

                            China's First Mars Mission Named Tianwen 1

                            China's first Mars exploration mission has been named Tianwen-1, announced by the China National Space Administration on Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-24 14:13

                            Job-hunting Graduates Turning to Online Fairs

                            Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, graduate students in Shanxi's universities and colleges have resorted to attending online fairs to look for jobs.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-24 14:12

                            China Launches Second Amphibious Assault Ship

                            China's second amphibious assault ship was launched in Shanghai on Wednesday, according to footage published on Chinese websites.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-24 14:04

                            Ministry: Nation Mobilizing Support for Chinese Overseas

                            China has fully mobilized all kinds of resources to provide timely assistance and support for its overseas citizens amid the health threat caused by the spread of the COVID-19 disease globally, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-23 14:33

                            China to Announce Name of Its First Mars Exploration Mission

                            The name and logo of China's first Mars exploration mission will be made public on the Space Day of China, which will fall on April 24, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-23 14:31

                            China's Air Passenger Volume Steadily Recovers

                            China's air passenger numbers have recovered to nearly one third of the level seen in the same period last year, as the novel coronavirus epidemic wanes and transport restrictions were lifted in some cities.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-23 14:29

                            Action Taken Against Low-quality Fabric in Face Masks

                            Due to a lack of melt-blown fabric, the face mask company that Gu Ning works for stopped production for five days on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-23 14:27

                            China Takes Measures to Ensure Employment, Work Resumption

                            To offset COVID-19's impact on the job market, China has taken measures to ensure employment and promote work resumption, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-22 14:02

                            Border Areas Urged to Prevent Imported Infections

                            The nine provinces which share land borders with neighboring countries should each make prevention plans to deal with the increasing pressure of curbing imported cases of COVID-19, an official with the National Health Commission, said on Tuesday.

                            Source:|2020-04-22 14:01

                            China Takes Key Role in International Vaccine Development

                            China is expected to make more contributions to global containment of COVID-19 by developing vaccines through international cooperation, leading international public health experts said.

                            Source:|2020-04-22 14:00

                            Campaign to Boost Safety in Workplace

                            The Work Safety Committee of the State Council, the country's Cabinet, has launched a campaign to remove safety hazards at the root and effectively curb major accidents in workplaces across the country in about three years.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-22 13:58

                            Experts Praise Xi's Emphasis on Global Unity

                            President Xi Jinping's call for a concerted global effort in tackling the coronavirus pandemic has won the backing of experts from around the world.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-04-21 13:58

                            China Resumes Major Water Conservancy Projects

                            China has resumed construction of major water conservancy projects amid its further containment of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-21 13:53

                            China Vows to Guard Major Cities, Ports Against Cross-border Virus Spread

                            China will step up epidemic prevention and control measures in major cities and at key ports, resolutely guarding against the cross-border spread of coronavirus, a health official said Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-21 13:52

                            Over 79% Chinese Adults Read via Digital Channels in 2019: Survey

                            Over 79 percent of Chinese adults said they read through digital channels in 2019, up 3.1 percentage points from the previous year, according to a reading survey unveiled Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-21 13:50

                            Top Court Issues Guideline Guaranteeing Workers' Rights during Outbreak

                            Chinese courts will not support employers if they terminate labor relations with people on the grounds that the employees are from regions hard hit by COVID-19 outbreak, such as Hubei province, or patients of the disease.

                            Source:|2020-04-20 14:07

                            Ministries Release Official Names for South China Sea Entities

                            The ministries of natural resources and civil affairs published on Sunday the official names of some of the islands, reefs and seafloor geographical entities in the South China Sea.

                            Source:|2020-04-20 14:06

                            Authorities Launch Steps to Boost International Freight

                            Transport departments in China are taking measures to increase the international freight transport capacity and ensure the stable operation of China-Europe Railway Express, according to senior transport officials.

                            Source:|2020-04-20 14:04

                            Endangered Birds Appear in North China

                            Four rare black storks have appeared in the wetlands of North China's Hebei province.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-20 14:03

                            New Steps Rolled Out for Freight Drivers to Control COVID-19

                            China will step up closed-off management for drivers of cross-border freight vehicles in response to the rise of imported novel coronavirus cases, according to the country's top transport authority on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-04-19 14:19

                            Authorities Launch Steps to Boost International Freight

                            Transport departments in China are taking measures to increase the international freight transport capacity and ensure the stable operation of China-Europe Railway Express, according to senior transport officials.

                            Source:|2020-04-19 14:17

                            Majority of Chinese Support COVID-19 Response Measures: Survey

                            The majority of Chinese people think it is necessary to keep patient and confident for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and fully cooperate with the response work, a survey shows.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-19 14:06

                            China's Chang'e-4 Probe Resumes Work for 17th Lunar Day

                            BEIJING -- The lander and rover of the Chang'e-4 probe have resumed work for the 17th lunar day on the far side of the moon after sleeping during the extremely cold night.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-18 13:12

                            Names of This Year's First Panda Twins Born in Captivity Revealed

                            The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province and the Sichuan medical team sent to fight COVID-19 in Hubei province revealed the world's first pair of captive giant panda twins born this year in a video on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-04-18 13:09

                            Traditional Chinese Medicine Proves Effective against COVID-19

                            A traditional Chinese medication is playing an important role in curing COVID-19, according to a leading TCM expert.

                            Source:|2020-04-18 13:07

                            Death Toll in Wuhan Revised in Evaluation

                            The death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak has been revised for Wuhan, Hubei province, as has the number of confirmed infections after citywide data verification responded to concerns of the public.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-18 13:03

                            Chinese Vice Premier Underlines Public Participation in Epidemic Control

                            Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan Thursday underlined continued vigilance and participation by all in Hubei as the COVID-19 containment in the hard-hit province is turning into a normal work from a crisis response.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-17 14:32

                            China to Strengthen Renovation of Old Communities in Urban Areas

                            China will intensify the renovation of old urban residential areas in 2020, with 39,000 communities to be renovated and benefiting around 7 million households, according to the country's top housing regulator.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-17 14:31

                            Investors Remain Optimistic on China

                            Foreign investors remain optimistic about China, and there won't be large-scale withdrawal of foreign investment from the market despite the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-17 14:29

                            26 New COVID-19 Cases on Mainland; 15 Imported, 11 Local

                            The Chinese mainland reported 15 additional imported COVID-19 cases and another 11 locally transmitted infections over the course of Thursday, according to the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-04-17 14:28

                            TCM Drugs Approved to Treat Virus

                            The Chinese government has acknowledged the important role TCM has played in treating COVID-19 patients and has added treatment of the virus to the specifications of three traditional medicines, a top TCM expert said on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-16 13:54

                            China's Nuclear, Radiation Safety Remains Stable: Official

                            China has maintained an overall stable situation in nuclear and radiation safety with the world's second largest number of nuclear power generating units in operation, an official with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) said Wednesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-16 13:53

                            China Establishes Cross-department Mechanism to Combat Personal Data Abuse

                            China has established a cross-department mechanism to prevent and fight the abuse and misuse of personal data amid intensified efforts to stamp out crimes against people's privacy.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-16 13:51

                            Hubei Sends Anti-virus Supplies to Heilongjiang

                            Hubei provincial authorities on Wednesday mobilized medical supplies and protective gear valued at 30 million yuan ($4.3 million) and delivered them to Heilongjiang province.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-16 13:49

                            Three COVID-19 Vaccines Approved for Clinical Trials

                            China has approved three vaccines, two inactivated and one vector, for clinical trials in China against COVID-19, officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology said on Tuesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-15 13:50

                            Support for Real Economy Will Get Boost

                            China will further intensify its proactive fiscal policy through a multipronged approach and strengthen the role of the financial sector in supporting the real economy to help businesses ride out difficulties.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-15 13:48

                            Imported Cases Are Increasing in Suifenhe

                            Heilongjiang's border city Suifenhe has confirmed more COVID-19 infections among a group of people who arrived before the border was closed and are currently quarantined.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-15 13:46

                            Wuhan Makeshift Hospital Retires as Epidemic Wanes

                            A makeshift hospital ceased operation in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei province, on Wednesday as the coronavirus epidemic wanes.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-15 13:45

                            7 Flights This Month Bring 1,278 Overseas Chinese Home

                            China has sent 16 chartered flights since March that carried more than 2,700 Chinese nationals overseas back to the country, an official at the Civil Aviation Administration said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-04-14 11:13

                            Border Cities Aim to Block Infections from Russia

                            Manzhouli, a city on China's border with Russia, has enhanced its medical capabilities and epidemic control measures to cope with COVID-19 cases imported from Russia over the past few days.

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-04-14 11:12

                            All Expats Treated Equally, Says FM

                            Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday that the United States is being immoral and irresponsible by telling lies after a US State Department spokesperson reportedly accused the Chinese authorities of abuse and mistreatment of Africans li

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-04-14 11:09

                            Nation's Ability to Draw Capital Called Unshaken

                            China's ability to attract foreign capital will not be shaken by certain global companies' relocation moves as its market space, supportive government policies and advanced industrial supply chain will retain its market vitality, experts and business lead

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-14 11:08

                            China Ensures Workplace Safety as Epidemic Control Becomes Regular Practice

                            Chinese authorities on Sunday demanded solid efforts to ensure workplace safety and resolutely curb major accidents.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-13 14:04

                            Quality of Air, Water Improved Last Year, Statistics Say

                            China saw continuous environmental improvement last year, with reductions in airborne pollutants in major polluted cities and severely polluted surface water across the country, authorities said.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-13 14:02

                            Mainland Reports Over 100 New Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

                            Chinese mainland reported 108 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and two deaths on Sunday, bringing the two numbers to 82,160 and 3,341, respectively, statistics from the National Health Commission show on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-04-13 14:00

                            Chinese Researchers Find Disease-resistant Gene for Wheat

                            Chinese researchers have cloned a resistance gene targeting Fusarium head blight (FHB), a major fungal disease in wheat, from a relative of wheat, according to a study published in the journal Science.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-13 13:58

                            Chinese, US Medics Share COVID-19 Experiences via Video

                            Thirteen medical experts from hospitals in East China's Shandong province and 15 medical experts from Texas Medical Center in the US shared their experiences on preventing and controlling the spread of novel coronavirus on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-04-12 13:42

                            COVID-19's Journey across the World Mapped by Scientists

                            The COVID-19 virus has mutated as it has spread, research has found, allowing scientists to track its origins and potentially predict future trends.

                            Source: CGTN|2020-04-12 13:36

                            Chinese Medics at Front Line Share Experience with Italian Peers

                            An online forum dedicated to sharing Chinese medical workers' front line experience of treating COVID-19 cases with their counterparts in Italy and other countries and regions, was held on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-04-12 13:33

                            99 New Infections Reported Saturday on Mainland

                            The number of new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus on the Chinese mainland saw an uptick on Saturday as a result of an influx of imported cases, statistics from the National Health Commission show.

                            Source:|2020-04-12 13:29

                            Expert: Imported Virus May Not Trigger New Wave

                            Imported coronavirus infections, if strictly monitored, and traced, should not lead to a new epidemic of illnesses in China, according to Zhong Nanshan, a prominent expert in respiratory diseases.

                            Source:|2020-04-11 12:24

                            China to Offer Global Students Online Courses in English

                            China's universities and colleges will offer a number of high-quality courses in English to global students via an international online teaching platform to promote the massive online open course (MOOC).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-11 12:23

                            Prospective Vaccine in Phase II Trial

                            A recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine, which is China's first vaccine candidate to enter clinical human testing, began recruiting participants for its Phase II clinical trial on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-11 12:21

                            New COVID-19 Cases Sustain Double-digit Growth for 28 Days

                            From a trickle to dozens, the daily new increase of imported COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland has maintained double-digit growth for 28 straight days.

                            Source:|2020-04-11 12:18

                            China Strengthens Epidemic Control along Border

                            Chinese authorities Thursday urged efforts to beef up COVID-19 prevention and control in border regions and expand coronavirus infection testing in key areas with risks of COVID-19 outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-10 13:43

                            Chinese Astronomer Discovers Fastest Rotating Star in Milky Way

                            A Chinese astronomer has discovered the fastest rotating star in the Milky Way galaxy based on data from the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) located in Xinglong, in northern China's Hebei Province.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-10 13:42

                            China to Ease Urban Residency Restrictions to Boost Urbanization

                            China plans to ease restrictions for rural residents applying for urban household registration status and allow more people to enjoy public services, according to a document released Thursday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-10 13:38

                            Science journal Nature issues apology for associating China, Wuhan, COVID-19

                            Nature, one of the world's top scientific journals, issued an editorial on Tuesday apologizing for associating the novel coronavirus with Wuhan and China in its news coverage.

                            Source:|2020-04-10 10:31

                            Shanghai to Build World-class Public Health Emergency System

                            Shanghai will strive to establish a world-class public health emergency system, according to a guideline released by the municipal government on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-04-09 11:55

                            Nation Steps up Supply of Medical Goods

                            China is stepping up efforts to ensure the supply of medical goods to meet surging demand both at home and abroad, as the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak continues to spread across the globe, the nation's top industrial regulator said on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-09 11:54

                            China Demands Targeted Approaches to Reopening Venues amid Epidemic

                            Chinese authorities have demanded targeted approaches to resuming business and living order while containing the coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-09 11:52

                            Suifenhe Communities Closed as 25 New Cases Arise

                            Heilongjiang province's health commission on Tuesday reported 25 new imported COVID-19 cases, all of whom entered via the land crossing in Suifenhe city, where the residential communities have now been closed.

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-04-09 11:51

                            China Sends 302 Charter Flights for Int'l Anti-epidemic Work

                            China has sent a total of 302 charter flights carrying medical professionals and emergency supplies to support global anti-epidemic efforts, according to the civil aviation authorities.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-08 11:25

                            Over 26.3 Mln Chinese Mourn Deceased Online during Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday

                            More than 26.3 million people in China opted to mourn the deceased through online platforms during the recent three-day holiday for Tomb-sweeping Day, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-08 11:24

                            China Launches Special Hiring Activity for College Graduates

                            The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Tuesday launched a special employment activity for China's job-hunting graduates in 2020.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-08 11:23

                            China's Ports Help Sustain Supply Chain, Experts Say

                            Major ports in coastal areas of China have restored their operations to roughly the pre-COVID-19 level, which will help sustain the global supply chain that has been hit hard by the pandemic, experts said.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-08 11:22

                            Pandemic Causes Large Drop in Cemetery Visits on Tomb-Sweeping Day

                            The number of people who visited graves in Shanghai during the three-day Qingming Festival from April 4 to 6 dropped by 88 percent compared with the same period last year, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau said.

                            Source:|2020-04-07 14:31

                            China's Medical Supplies Exports Top 10b Yuan

                            China has actively joined hands with the rest of the world to stem the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with the exports of medical supplies registering 10.2 billion yuan (about $1.43 billion) as of Saturday from March 1.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-07 14:29

                            Endangered Wading Bird Spotted in China's Largest Freshwater Lake

                            A black-faced spoonbill, a critically endangered bird species, was spotted at Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake in the eastern province of Jiangxi.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-07 14:28

                            China Publishes Timeline on COVID-19 Information Sharing, Int'l Cooperation

                            China on Monday released a detailed timeline of the country's response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), chronicling the main facts and measures it has taken in the global joint anti-virus efforts.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-07 14:26

                            China Able to Ensure Food Security Despite Coronavirus Impact

                            Chinese officials said Saturday that the country can hold firm its rice bowl despite the novel coronavirus impact, with ample grain reserves and measures to boost production.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-06 12:53

                            Nearly 13.4 Million Chinese Mourn Deceased Online on Tomb-sweeping Day

                            Nearly 13.4 million people in China used online platforms to mourn the deceased on Saturday, the Tomb-sweeping Day, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-06 12:50

                            China Remains Vigilant for New Cases

                            The National Health Commission reported 30 new confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland, including five locally transmitted cases, and 47 new asymptomatic infections on Saturday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-06 12:47

                            China's Medical Supplies Exports Top 10 Billion Yuan

                            China has actively joined hands with the rest of the world to stem the novel coronavirus disease, with the exports of medical supplies registering 10.2 billion yuan as of Saturday from March 1.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-06 12:45

                            China-Europe Freight Rail Services Expand in Q1

                            China-Europe freight rail services have expanded in the first quarter of the year, with the cargo trips hitting a record monthly high in March, according to the country's top railway operator.

                            Source:|2020-04-05 13:11

                            Traffic Flow Drops on China's Tomb-sweeping Day

                            China saw dropping traffic flow Saturday, the first day of a three-day Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, according to the traffic management authority.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-05 13:03

                            More Districts in Wuhan Classified as Low-risk Area of COVID-19 Outbreak

                            One more district in Wuhan, the hardest-hit city by novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, has been classified as a low-risk area of the virus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-05 13:02

                            Epidemic Prompts New Approach to Tomb-sweeping Custom

                            In recent weeks, the novel coronavirus outbreak has abated domestically, prompting authorities to lift bans on businesses and travel in regions less affected by the epidemic.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-04 13:11

                            China Allocates Millions in COVID-19 Research Funding

                            China has allocated 320 million yuan ($45 million) in special funds to 68 scientific research projects fighting the novel coronavirus to date, an official with the Ministry of Science and Technology said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-04-04 13:02

                            National Time of Mourning Will Be Held to Honor Martyrs

                            A national period of mourning will be held on Saturday, this year's Tomb Sweeping Day, to commemorate those who succumbed to COVID-19, according to the State Council.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-04 12:59

                            China Aids Global Fight against Virus

                            China has taken a range of steps to aid the global fight against the novel coronavirus, a senior National Health Commission official said on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-03 12:08

                            Diversions of Beijing-bound Flights Running Smoothly

                            The diversion of inbound flights headed for Beijing to other airports has been running smoothly, as has the resumption of domestic flights in Hubei province, the region hit hardest by the novel coronavirus, according to China's top aviation regulator.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-04-03 12:07

                            14 Named Martyrs in Epidemic Battle

                            Fourteen people who lost their lives fighting COVID-19 on the front line were honored as martyrs, the government of Hubei province announced on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-04-03 12:02

                            China Amends, Abolishes Administrative Regulations

                            Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a State Council decree to publish a decision on amending seven administrative regulations and abolishing 10.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-03 12:00

                            China's Lunar Rover Travels Over 424 Meters on Moon's Far Side

                            China's lunar rover Yutu-2, or Jade Rabbit-2, has driven 424.455 meters on the far side of the moon to conduct scientific exploration of the virgin territory.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-02 09:57

                            Outbreak Won't Slow Poverty Elimination Goal

                            China can achieve its goal of pulling all people out of poverty by the end of this year as the novel coronavirus outbreak only has limited impact on impoverished regions, a senior poverty alleviation official said on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-04-02 09:55

                            China Invests Nearly 25b Yuan in Medical Assistance

                            China appropriated 24.5 billion yuan (around $3.45 billion) in medical assistance subsidies in 2019, including 4 billion yuan allocated for beefing up medical security in areas of deep poverty, the National Healthcare Security Administration said.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-02 09:50

                            Online Job Fairs Fill the Gap in Recruiting

                            Under the dual pressures of the coronavirus outbreak and poverty alleviation targets, China has been taking measures to promote employment for the poor through online job fairs. I didn't expect to get a job through my cellphone.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-02 09:49

                            China's Poverty Relief Fund Tops 139 Billion Yuan in 2020

                            China's 2020 fund for poverty alleviation has added up to 139.6 billion yuan (about $19.7 billion) after the central government dispensed 26.03 billion yuan to local governments recently, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-04-01 11:31

                            College Exam Postponed to July 7, 8

                            The national college entrance examination, or gaokao, will be postponed for a month to July 7 and 8 due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Education said.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-01 11:30

                            Chinese Missions Assist Students Living Abroad

                            China has mobilized over 280 diplomatic missions overseas to solve issues that its students abroad are facing regarding COVID-19 prevention, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-01 11:29

                            1,541 Asymptomatic Cases under Observation

                            China has 1,541 people with asymptomatic novel coronavirus infections under medical observation as of Monday, including 205 from overseas, the National Health Commission said on Tuesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-04-01 11:27

                            Gaokao Pushed Back a Month Due to Outbreak

                            The national college entrance examination, or gaokao, will be postponed for a month to July 7 to 8 due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Education said.

                            Source:|2020-03-31 14:36

                            China Heightening Push for More Ventilator Production

                            China is stepping up to produce more ventilators to help the global fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, as the nation produces about one-fifth of the world's multi-function ventilators, the nation's top industry regulator said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-03-31 09:49

                            Schools Begin to Reopen in China amid Strict Measures

                            China is taking strict preventive measures to ensure the safety of students and no secondary outbreaks of COVID-19 among them as schools begin to reopen.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-31 09:48

                            Pandemic Controls in Place for International Ships in Chinese Ports

                            Prevention and control measures are in place for ships engaged in international voyages that enter Chinese ports to ensure the safety of crew members and prevent the importation of the COVID-19 cases, a transport official said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-03-31 09:45

                            Additional Flights Arranged to Bring Citizens Back Home

                            China's aviation regulator said on Monday it will arrange additional or chartered flights to bring back its citizens stuck abroad due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, based on the demands of overseas Chinese and domestic local governments' capacity to h

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-03-31 09:43

                            Imported Cases Remain Vast Majority in New Coronavirus Infections

                            A total of 31 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and 4 deaths were reported on Sunday on the Chinese mainland, bringing the two numbers to 81,470 and 3,304 respectively, statistics from the National Health Commission show on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-03-30 11:27

                            Experts: World Can Learn from China's Epidemic Efforts

                            There is huge uncertainty surrounding the tendency of the global pandemic of the COVID-19, but the deciding factor lies with the public, said some leading experts in infectious diseases at home and abroad.

                            Source:|2020-03-30 11:25

                            Zhong Nanshan: Key to Defeating COVID-19 Is 'Distancing'

                            A look at the current global spread of COVID-19 gives a grim picture of the situation as the number of infections has kept shooting up around the world in recent weeks especially in Europe and America.

                            Source: CGTN|2020-03-30 11:23

                            Foreign Students Praise Support in Hardest-hit City

                            International students in Wuhan, Hubei province, said that they have been receiving good care during the novel coronavirus outbreak thanks to arrangements made by their universities and local authorities.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-30 11:22

                            Imported Coronavirus Cases Continue to Rise

                            China continues to contend with an influx of imported cases of novel coronavirus as the pandemic rages beyond the county's borders, statistics from the National Health Commission shows.

                            Source:|2020-03-29 12:45

                            Chinese Medical Team Arrives in Pakistan to Help Fight COVID-19

                            An 8-member medical expert team organized by the Chinese government arrived here on Saturday to help Pakistan fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-29 12:44

                            Chinese Mainland Sees 20 Provincial Regions Clear of COVID-19 for over 28 Days

                            Twenty provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland had reported no new domestic COVID-19 cases for more than 28 days by the end of Friday, a health official said Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-29 12:41

                            Over 79 Million CPC Members Make Donations for COVID-19 Fight

                            Over 79 million members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have voluntarily made donations totaling 8.26 billion yuan (about $1.17 billion) for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) prevention and control as of Thursday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-29 12:39

                            Chinese Overseas Advised by Physicians from Home

                            Chinese medical experts have been working to provide medical information online to citizens stranded overseas as the pandemic accelerates its spread globally.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-28 12:28

                            China Suspends Entry of Foreign Passport Holders

                            China was compelled to temporarily suspend entry into the country of foreign passport holders with valid visas or residence permits in order to deal with the spread of COVID-19.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-28 12:26

                            Chinese Mainland Reports Zero Increase in Domestic COVID-19 Cases

                            Chinese health authority said Saturday that no new domestically transmitted cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were reported on the mainland on Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-28 12:24

                            China's Gains Offer Hope for the World

                            China has made a promising start to rebooting its economy and controlling the spread of COVID-19, according to a report from Imperial College London, providing hope for nations in lockdown due to the pandemic.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-28 12:21

                            China Suspends Entry by Foreign Nationals

                            China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits because of the rapid global spread of COVID-19, according to an announcement by the Foreign Ministry and the National Immigration A

                            Source:|2020-03-27 12:55

                            Beijing Gives Aid to 89 Countries

                            The Chinese government has provided aid to 89 countries and four international organizations to battle the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak and is planning further support, a senior official said on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-27 12:54

                            Citizens Stuck Abroad to Receive More Help

                            China will extend special aid to its citizens stranded overseas while continuing efforts to prevent both the importation of COVID-19 cases and a possible domestic rebound of the outbreak, according to a decision made during a meeting chaired by Premier Li

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-03-27 12:52

                            Records Set for Undersea Flammable Ice Extraction

                            China said it extracted a record amount of flammable ice during its second trial exploration in the South China Sea, with about 28,700 cubic meters collected per day.

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-03-27 12:51

                            Govt Seeking to Stabilize Employment

                            The central government is endeavoring to stabilize employment and help companies to minimize losses caused by novel coronavirus pneumonia, a senior official said at a news conference organized by the State Council on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-26 14:12

                            Chinese Authority Calls for Better Services for Overseas Chinese amid Epidemic

                            The All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese on Wednesday urged its affiliates to keep in contact with Chinese people living abroad, returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, and provide better services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-26 14:10

                            Drones, Data Saving Seeding Season

                            Farmers nationwide are losing no time in getting the spring farming season underway to ensure a good harvest as China continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-26 14:09

                            Machines Ease Rural Labor Shortage

                            Holding a remote control, Gong Ming, a farmer in the eastern province of Anhui, skillfully operated three drones that were spraying herbicides on 100 hectares of winter wheat.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-26 14:07

                            Beijing, Shanghai Tighten Inbound Travel Restrictions

                            Both Beijing and Shanghai said they will adopt stricter novel coronavirus prevention measures for inbound travelers beginning Wednesday, as more domestically confirmed infections have been linked to imported cases.

                            Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-03-25 13:51

                            Job Recruitment for College Graduates Moving Online

                            Universities and companies in China have been moving their recruitment procedures and providing recruitment guidance online to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the employment of college graduates.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-25 13:49

                            Hubei to Resume Rail Services in Orderly Fashion

                            Railway services will resume in Central China's Hubei province, the hardest-hit area of the country, in an orderly manner, according to the local train operator.

                            Source:|2020-03-25 13:48

                            COVID-19 Patients Must Be Treated with Differentiated Therapies: Chinese Expert

                            Chinese medical experts have emphasized using different therapies to treat patients with different symptoms of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-25 13:46

                            China Urges Greater Afforestation Efforts

                            China urged greater afforestation efforts amid the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak to ensure afforestation targets are met this year, according to a circular released by the General Office of the State Council.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-24 11:28

                            Discounted Rail Tickets Offered Beginning Wednesday

                            Railway authorities will offer discounts as deep as 45 percent off ticket prices for more than 200 train services on 25 intercity railways starting Wednesday, the China State Railway Group said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-03-24 11:26

                            Chinese Vice Premier Urges Orderly Restoration of Normal Medical Services

                            Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan Monday urged medical institutions to restore medical services for non-COVID-19 patients while continuing efforts against the coronavirus.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-24 11:25

                            Provinces Told to Resume Vaccination Services

                            A number of ministry-level departments, including those responsible for health, national development and reform, and agriculture and rural affairs, have responded recently to public concerns.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-24 11:21

                            Nearly All Regions Resume Inter-province Bus Service

                            All provincial regions in Chinese mainland have resumed intra-province bus service while 29 provincial regions, other than Beijing and Hubei province, have resumed inter-province bus service by Saturday as the epidemic further eases, the Ministry of Trans

                            Source:|2020-03-23 13:47

                            China's Resort Island Launches Post-epidemic Plan to Revive Tourism

                            South China's island province of Hainan on Sunday launched a plan to revitalize its tourism industry in an effort to reduce the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-23 13:46

                            Most Regions of China at Low-risk of COVID-19: Official

                            Most regions of China are now at low-risk of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as the country is taking effective measures in prevention and control, a Chinese health official said Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-23 13:44

                            China Takes Multi-pronged Measures to Ensure Agricutural Supplies

                            China has rolled out a string of measures to resume the transport and production of agricultural materials, as part of efforts to meet spring farming needs amid the ongoing epidemic fight.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-23 13:43

                            China's Wuhan Reports Zero Increase in COVID-19 Cases for 4th Day

                            No new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were reported Saturday in Wuhan.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-22 13:20

                            Beijing Strengths Nucleic Acid Testing of Coronavirus at Border Entry

                            The Beijing municipal government has required strengthened nucleic acid testing (NAT) of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for people arriving in the city from other countries.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-22 13:15

                            China Begins Building Yangtze River Protection Project in Wuhan

                            The China Three Gorges Corporation has begun the construction of the Yangtze River protection project in Wuhan, the company said Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-22 13:11

                            China Launches First Clinical Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine

                            The first clinical trial of the novel coronavirus vaccine in China has kicked off as volunteers taking part in the project started to share their experience on social media, a Chinese newspaper reported on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-03-22 13:00

                            Chinese Experts Develop Noninvasive Tumor Therapy

                            Chinese experts developed a noninvasive tumor therapy with high performance and low side effects, according to a report by Science and Technology Daily.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-21 13:44

                            Nation Shows Strength in Pandemic Battle

                            The strength of China's system, which enables it to pool all available resources to solve major problems, has helped the country address the health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, observers said.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-21 13:31

                            China Shares Virus Knowledge, Response with 19 Nations in Conference

                            Chinese health officials and experts and their counterparts from 19 countries in Euro-Asia and South Asia held an online video conference on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-03-21 13:17

                            Medical Supplies from China Arrive to Help Iran

                            Medical materials donated to the Iranian armed forces from the Chinese military arrived in Iran on Thursday, according to the Chinese Defense Ministry.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-20 13:29

                            TCM Experience Shared with US Counterparts to Fight Virus

                            The nation's leading traditional Chinese medicine experts on Wednesday shared with US counterparts their novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment experience that proved effective in Wuhan.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-20 12:37

                            Zero New Case in Wuhan; 39 New Cases across China, All Imported

                            New infections of the novel coronavirus remained at zero in the hardest-hit city Wuhan during the past week while all the new cases were imported, the National Health Commission said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-03-20 12:35

                            China to Improve Intellectual Property Work in Central SOEs

                            China has set a goal for central State-owned enterprises to establish an intellectual property work system in line with the requirement of high-quality development by 2025.

                            Source:|2020-03-20 12:30

                            China to Promote Poverty Reduction through Internet Services

                            Chinese authorities have pledged to promote internet services in rural areas for poverty alleviation.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-19 14:46

                            Vaccine Development Key to Beating Outbreak, Says Expert

                            The COVID-19 pandemic cannot be controlled by the herd immunity strategy and vaccines will be the key to ultimately tackling the virus, said Zhong Nanshan, a prominent Chinese expert in respiratory diseases.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-19 11:43

                            Overseas Students Advised to Not Return to China If Trip Is Unnecessary

                            Chinese students overseas are better off suspending their trips back to China if it's not very necessary, a health official in Beijing said on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-03-19 11:42

                            13-member Team of Chinese Experts Fly to Italy

                            A second chartered flight by China Eastern Airlines carrying a 13-member expert team and 17.3 metric tons of medical supplies left Shanghai for Milan on Wednesday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-19 11:37

                            Nation to Foster New Economic Growth Drivers

                            China will further deepen reform of government functions and foster new drivers of growth to keep employment stable.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-18 15:37

                            Nations Progressing with COVID-19 Vaccine Tests

                            The development of a vaccine against COVID-19 recently reached a milestone with candidates in China and the United States fast-tracked to human trials.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-18 15:34

                            Vice-Premier Demands Orderly Withdrawal of Medics Supporting Hubei

                            Chinese Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan on Tuesday required the orderly, safe and smooth withdrawal of the medical staff supporting virus-hit Hubei province.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-18 12:44

                            China to Deepen the Reform of Government Functions, Enhance Employment Stability

                            China will deepen the reform of government functions, foster new drivers of growth, cultivate new forms of industry in the digital economy and keep employment stable.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-18 12:41

                            7 Flights Bring 1,100 Overseas Chinese Home from Hard-hit Countries

                            China's civil aviation authority has so far sent seven flights to bring back a total of 1,101 overseas Chinese in countries hit hard by the novel coronavirus, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

                            Source:|2020-03-17 15:03

                            Newest Data on Coronavirus Infections Released

                            As overall infections overseas surpassed the country's caseload, imported COVID-19 cases keep cropping up in multiple regions on Chinese mainland, disrupting the trend of the epidemic grinding to a halt in China.

                            Source:|2020-03-17 14:54

                            TCM Ready to Take on Epidemic Overseas

                            With the novel coronavirus epidemic under control in China, the country is ready to share its experience using traditional Chinese medicine with the international community.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-17 14:51

                            1st Batch of Medics Sent to Wuhan Starts Returning Home

                            The first batch of medical workers dispatched to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province, are returning home starting on Tuesday, Xinhua News Agency reports.

                            Source:|2020-03-17 14:49

                            Ban on Consumption of Wild Animals Backed

                            China's decision to comprehensively ban the trade and consumption of wild animals across the country gained strong support from experts and general public as a crucial move to curb the eating of wildlife.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-03-16 15:37

                            Medical Team Arrives in Italy with 31 Metric Tons of Supplies

                            Italians are hailing the medical supplies China sent to aid the country's fight against the novel coronavirus as vital and timely, as Chinese medical experts in Italy race to help reduce the country's high mortality rate.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-16 15:30

                            Overseas Chinese Get Help from Physicians Back Home

                            With China getting the COVID-19 epidemic under control, more Chinese doctors here have joined hands to help the global community, especially overseas Chinese, better contain the fast-spreading pandemic.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-16 15:24

                            More Chinese Provinces Cleared of COVID-19 Cases

                            The municipalities of Tianjin and Chongqing on Sunday became the latest in a crop of provincial-level regions that have reduced the number of COVID-19 patients to zero.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-16 15:21

                            Imported COVID-19 Patients without Medical Insurance to Bear Medical Expenses

                            Travelers coming to Beijing from abroad will have to bear their own medical costs if they are suspected of carrying COVID-19 or are confirmed, an official said on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-03-15 11:23

                            Nearly 10,000 More Coronavirus Cases Reported outside China in 24 Hours

                            A total of 9,751 new cases of of COVID-19 infection were reported outside China in the past 24 hours as of 10:00 CET Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-15 11:12

                            Locally Transmitted Novel Coronavirus Cases Continue to Fall

                            The numbers of locally transmitted confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease on the Chinese mainland have been continuously falling, with only four local cases being reported in the epicenter.

                            Source:|2020-03-15 11:07

                            China to Strengthen Coronavirus Prevention at Border, Aid Overseas Fight

                            A leading group of China's COVID-19 response Thursday called for more targeted prevention measures to stem the cross-border spread of the novel coronavirus and promised help for overseas fight against the pandemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-14 14:04

                            China's Polar-observing Satellite Completes Antarctic Mission

                            China's first polar-observing satellite has completed its Antarctic observation mission after orbiting Earth for six months.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-14 13:58

                            China Details Measures to Boost Consumption, Mitigate Virus Impact

                            Chinese authorities on Friday released a guideline aimed at boosting consumption and unleashing the potential of the domestic market to cushion the blow of the ongoing epidemic on economic activities.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-14 13:55

                            China Remains a Hot Spot for Investments

                            China's competitive advantage in the global supply chain has not been shaken by the novel coronavirus and the country will remain a hot spot for foreign investment, commerce officials said on Friday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-14 13:41

                            Measures Taken to Reduce Cases from Inbound Flights

                            China's civil aviation authority is stepping up measures to prevent novel coronavirus cases from being imported from other virus-hit nations via international flights.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-13 12:58

                            Chinese Medicine to Help Fight Novel Coronavirus in Netherlands and Italy

                            An instant traditional Chinese medicine in the form of granules that has proved effective in combating COVID-19 in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, will be available in the Netherlands and Italy.

                            Source:|2020-03-13 12:51

                            Green Coverage Grows, Boosting Poverty Relief, Wildlife Protection

                            China has witnessed remarkable growth of green coverage due to the implementation of afforestation projects, with more than 7 million hectares of trees planted last year, according to a report.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-13 12:44

                            Defeating Poverty Not Delayed by COVID-19, Official Says

                            China will stay on track to wipe out domestic poverty in 2020, even after economic repercussions triggered by the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak fueled concerns that the deadline could be missed.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-13 12:39

                            Poverty Alleviation Goal for This Year Not Affected by Epidemic

                            The novel coronavirus epidemic will not affect the achievement of the key goal of poverty alleviation by the end of this year, a top official said on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-03-12 14:14

                            Foreigners Hail China's Efforts to Curb Coronavirus

                            China has fully displayed its ability to act on curbing the coronavirus, and its experience is an example the world can learn from and emulate, foreign residents in Quanzhou, Fujian province, said on Sunday.

                            Source:|2020-03-12 14:10

                            Wuhan's Medical Waste Disposal Remains Timely, Eco-friendly

                            Wuhan, epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, is now able to dispose all medical waste in a timely fashion and has not posed any threat to the environment, a senior official said on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-03-12 14:05

                            Chinese Experts on Mission to Help Italy Fight Virus

                            A group of Chinese experts headed to Italy on Wednesday at the urgent request of its Red Cross to help contain the novel coronavirus outbreak in the European country.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-12 14:03

                            Wuhan Continues Decline in New Infections

                            Hubei provincial capital Wuhan, epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, has seen its daily increase of new infections decline for seven consecutive days.

                            Source:|2020-03-11 11:21

                            Nation Won't Let Virus Halt Anti-poverty Work

                            China will strive to minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus on the country's poverty alleviation drive and ensure that it will achieve the goal of eliminating poverty by the end of this year.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-11 11:12

                            WHO Chief Says China's COVID-19 Control Experience 'Impressive'

                            The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that COVID-19 cases in China have been in significant decline, following the country's impressive efforts in containing the virus.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-11 11:04

                            Chinese Red Cross Teams Aid Iran's COVID-19 Fight

                            Voices on the other end of the line cut in and out due to a poor phone connection as officials at the Red Cross Society of China's headquarters in Beijing attempted to talk to staff members on the ground in Iran on Tuesday morning.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-11 10:57

                            Supercomputer Joins Fight against Coronavirus

                            An English version of a widely used CT scan analysis system powered by artificial intelligence was fired up last week by the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin.

                            Source:|2020-03-10 12:13

                            China Introduces Assessment System to Track Ecological Development

                            China has set up an assessment system to track the progress of its Beautiful China initiative in pursuit of ecological civilization, according to the country's top economic planner.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-10 12:01

                            China Shifting to Prevent Imported Coronavirus

                            The global outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia will last at least until June, according to an expert, and the emphasis of China's fight will shift toward preventing the imported infections in the months to come.

                            Source:|2020-03-10 11:57

                            Doctor Touts TCM as Effective Treatment for Disease Patients

                            In the past month, Cai Zehao has prepared the largest amount of traditional Chinese medicine in his eight years as a pharmacist.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-10 11:41

                            China Issues New Policies to Fight against Poverty

                            BEIJING - China has rolled out a slew of measures to strengthen social assistance for people most in need and fight against poverty, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-09 14:26

                            China Has Shown Key to Victory Is 'Speed'

                            As the daily increase in novel coronavirus cases outside China has greatly surpassed that inside China, Bruce Aylward emphasized that speed is the single biggest message that the rest of the world should take away from China.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-03-09 13:58

                            Countries Told to Learn from China in Virus Fight

                            As the daily increase in novel coronavirus cases outside China has greatly surpassed that inside China, Bruce Aylward, assistant director-general of the World Health Organization, emphasized that speed is the single biggest message that the rest of the

                            Source:|2020-03-09 13:54

                            New Infection Numbers Continue Downward Trend

                            Showing a continuously positive trend, China only saw 36 new novel coronavirus infections occurring in Wuhan, Hubei province on Sunday, as well as four new confirmed cases in Gansu province.

                            Source:|2020-03-09 13:48

                            China Firm to Win Poverty-elimination Battle in 300-day Countdown

                            Only 300 days are left for China to eradicate absolute poverty as promised, and the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is posing more challenges to reach the goal.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-08 13:26

                            Public Input on Foreigners' Permanent Residence Will Be Fully Considered

                            The Ministry of Justice said public opinions and suggestions on a draft regulation on foreigners' permanent residence in China will be fully considered and absorbed before the regulation is officially issued.

                            Source:|2020-03-08 13:18

                            China Approves 29-minute Testing Kit for New Coronavirus

                            A rapid testing kit for the COVID-19 antibody with results available in 29 minutes was approved by the National Medical Products Administration, according to the developer Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-08 13:14

                            Govt Plans Further Steps to Fill Labor Gap

                            Human resources department will further strengthen support to major industries and promote preferential policies to tackle labor shortage amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source:|2020-03-08 13:12

                            TCM Proves Effective in Treating COVID-19 Symptoms

                            Clinical practice proved traditional Chinese medicine has significant efficacy in treating the novel coronavirus pneumonia, a top official with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-03-07 14:09

                            World Can Learn from China's Outbreak Control Experience, Journal Says

                            The international community can learn from China's experience in containing the novel coronavirus outbreak as the window for global containment closes, according to an editorial published on medical journal The Lancet on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-03-07 14:06

                            China Continues Heavy Reagent Research, Production

                            China has paid great attention to the research and production of test reagents for novel coronavirus infection and has sufficient reagents, according to Wang Jiangping, vice-minister of industry and information technology.

                            Source:|2020-03-07 14:02

                            Restrictions to Be Adjusted Based on Real Epidemic Situation

                            China's relevant departments will adjust measures in line with the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases and the regulation on public health emergency based on the novel coronavirus outbreak situation.

                            Source:|2020-03-07 13:59

                            China to Offer More Supplies to Battle Virus

                            China will help countries facing inadequate supplies in their battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic by encouraging domestic producers to export their products, the nation's top industry regulator said on Friday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-07 13:56

                            World Awaits Vaccine Progress

                            Scientists from different countries are racing against time to develop vaccines and effective therapies to control the virus spread and prevent it from becoming a pandemic.

                            Source: Global Times|2020-03-06 11:24

                            Traditional Remedies Help Improve Mental and Physical Strength

                            Traditional Chinese medicine is making a major contribution to preventing patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia becoming critically ill, according to a leading expert.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-06 11:15

                            China Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Severe COVID-19 Cases

                            Chinese researchers are studying the use of stem cell technology in the treatment of people critically ill with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to the Science and Technology Daily.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-06 11:12

                            Nation Confident in Achieving Grain Production Goal

                            China is confident it will achieve its annual goal for grain production capacity despite the difficulties and problems posed by the novel coronavirus outbreak on spring farming.

                            Source:|2020-03-06 11:10

                            China to Promote IT Application in Virus Control Efforts

                            hina has issued a guideline requiring local authorities to better apply information technology in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in communities in a bid to ease the workload faced by community workers.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-05 15:44

                            International Cooperation Cherished in Virus Fight: Minister

                            A total of 62 countries and seven international organizations have provided supplies to China in preventing and controlling the novel coronavirus epidemic as of Monday, Vice Foreign MinisterMa Zhaoxu said.

                            Source:|2020-03-05 15:42

                            New Coronavirus Cases outside Hubei in Single-digit Growth Trend

                            Regions on the Chinese mainland outside Hubei province, the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak, have recorded single-digit growth in daily new infections for seven straight days, as the latest daily data update shows.

                            Source:|2020-03-05 10:50

                            Scientists Discover Two Major Subtypes of Novel Coronavirus

                            Chinese scientists have discovered that the novel coronavirus has evolved into two major subtypes.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-05 10:49

                            Hubei to Close Temporary Hospitals as Situation Improves

                            Central China's Hubei province, the center of the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), is expected to gradually shut down temporary hospitals and cut the number of hospitals designated for the disease.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-04 11:15

                            China's Endangered Wildlife Populations Rise Steadily

                            The populations of China's endangered wildlife have risen steadily over recent years, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said Tuesday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-04 11:08

                            China Sends Team of Medical Experts, Aid to Iran to Help Deal with Outbreak

                            While Iran is experiencing a spreading epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, China has offered a helping hand by sending expert teams, sharing its experiences and supplying aid.

                            Source:|2020-03-04 11:07

                            Customs Clearance Eased for International Freight Train Users

                            A number of ministry-level departments, including those responsible for customs, human resources and social security, and poverty alleviation, have responded recently to issues of public concern.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-03 10:45

                            China CDC Publishes Multilingual Epidemic Control Manuals for COVID-19

                            A critical multilingual manual has been published in both English and French by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

                            Source:|2020-03-03 10:41

                            Research Paper Predicts Outbreak Will Level off in Late April

                            If the implementation of control measures were delayed for five days, the outbreak in the Chinese mainland would have tripled in size, according to a paper by Zhong and his team, published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease.

                            Source:|2020-03-03 10:35

                            New Coronavirus Infections Continue Downward Trend

                            A total of 125 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 31 deaths were reported on Monday on the Chinese mainland, bringing the two numbers up to 80,151 and 2,943 respectively.

                            Source:|2020-03-03 10:31

                            Graphic: Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on COVID-19

                            Report of the WHO-China joint mission on COVID-19 was released.

                            Source:|2020-03-02 17:26

                            Coronavirus Report Findings Released

                            Some key insights into the novel coronavirus offered in the Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19).

                            Source: China Daily|2020-03-02 17:21

                            China's Lunar Rover Travels Nearly 400 Meters on Moon's Far Side

                            BEIJING -- China's lunar rover Yutu-2, or Jade Rabbit-2, has driven 399.788 meters on the far side of the moon to conduct scientific exploration of the virgin territory.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-03-02 16:59

                            Confirmed, Suspected Cases of Novel Coronavirus Infection Declining Nationwide

                            Both new confirmed cases and new suspected cases of novel coronavirus infection nationwide have been declining in the past two weeks.

                            Source:|2020-03-02 16:56

                            Double Lung Transplant Performed on Novel Coronavirus-infected Patient

                            The first double lung transplant for a patient infected with novel coronavirus pneumonia was successfully performed in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province, on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-03-01 13:35

                            Joint WHO-China Report Gives Full Recognition to China’s Efforts

                            An official report on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) released jointly by the WHO and China’s National Health Commission identified the disease as a zoonotic virus and stated that there is no known pre-existing immunity in humans.

                            Source: Global Times|2020-03-01 13:31

                            Nurses Have Made Invaluable Contribution, Official Says

                            Nurses have played an important role in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak and have made great contributions to helping patients recover, according to the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-03-01 13:12

                            Wuhan Reports Big Success in Treatment of Severe Cases

                            Recovery rate of patients in severe condition has climbed significantly from 14 to 64 percent in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, senior official from the National Health Commission said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-02-29 12:08

                            China's Decisive Steps Prove to Be a Success, Official Says

                            The decisive measures Chinese government has taken to contain novel coronavirus has resulted in great achievements in seven weeks, official of National Health Commission said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-02-29 11:59

                            Permanent Residence Draft Rules Published

                            The Ministry of Justice on Thursday published draft rules on foreigners' permanent residence in order to solicit public opinion.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-29 11:41

                            Govt, Recruiters Jointly Hold Online Job Fairs for Graduates

                            The government and recruiting websites are strengthening joint efforts to hold job fairs online for fresh graduates during the novel coronavirus outbreak, Weng Tiehui, the vice-minister, said at a news conference.

                            Source:|2020-02-28 14:20

                            Autopsy Report Reveals COVID-19 Mainly Attacks Lungs

                            The latest autopsy report on patients who died of COVID-19 reveals that the virus primarily attacks the lungs, and there is not enough evidence to support its damage to other organs.

                            Source:|2020-02-28 14:17

                            Livestock and Poultry Being Categorized

                            Chinese authorities are working to differentiate poultry and livestock from wildlife after the country's top legislature rolled out a decision on Monday to ban the eating of wildlife.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-28 14:13

                            Universities to Admit More Master's Students Affected by Coronavirus

                            Chinese universities will expand admission for graduate students pursuing master's degree this year as an effort to increase access to higher education for millions of graduates affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

                            Source:|2020-02-28 13:56

                            Expert: Global Viral Outbreak to Come under Control within Six Months

                            The global spread of the novel coronavirus could come under control within six months as most infection cases in foreign countries are imported and China has gained experience in coping with the outbreak.

                            Source:|2020-02-27 15:12

                            Nearly All Tourists Stranded Abroad Due to Epidemic Are Back Home

                            The Chinese government has brought home nearly all tourists who were once stranded abroad due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, a senior official with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Wednesday.

                            Source:|2020-02-27 15:04

                            China's Lunar Rover Unveils Underground Secrets on Far Side of Moon

                            China's lunar rover Yutu 2, or Jade Rabbit 2, has helped scientists unveil the secrets buried deep under the surface on the far side of the moon.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-27 14:59

                            Novel Coronavirus May Not Originate in China - Top Health Expert

                            The first case of novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in China, but its source may not be in the country, renowned Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan said at a news conference in Guangzhou on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-02-27 14:43

                            China Sees Zero COVID-19 Infection in over 20 Provincial-level Regions

                            A total of 23 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported no increase of newly confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection on Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-26 15:00

                            Decline in New Wuhan Deaths Shows Measures Work

                            The number of new deaths from the novel coronavirus reported in Wuhan, Hubei province, by Monday reaching the lowest in 10 days can signify a change, said Qiu Haibo, a member on the expert panel of the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-02-26 14:57

                            Firms That Enforce Virus Control to Have Legal Guarantees

                            The production and sale of fake and inferior medicine for the novel coronavirus as well as the activities of hoarding and driving up prices of protective equipment and medicine will also be targeted, it added.

                            Source:|2020-02-26 14:52

                            More Provinces Lower Emergency Response Level as Epidemic Slows

                            More provinces have lowered their emergency response level to the novel coronavirus, as the country is seeing a slowing trend in the epidemic.

                            Source:|2020-02-26 14:41

                            China's Space Achievements Draw Global Attention

                            A total of nearly 100,000 overseas social media users show interests in China's recent space achievements, according to an online quiz co-conducted by Global Media Services Center of People's Daily Online and Beihang University.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-25 15:30

                            China to Ban Consumption of Wild Animals, Illegal Wildlife Trade

                            China will ban the consumption of wild animals and severely crack down on the illegal wildlife trade as wild animals are widely believed to be the source of the novel coronavirus, according to a decision adopted by the top legislature on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-02-25 15:25

                            China Gets EU Help in Battle against Virus

                            The European Commission is co-financing the delivery of more than 25 metric tons of personal protective equipment to China after the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism was activated to help the fight against novel coronavirus.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-25 15:21

                            Infections Outside Hubei Continue Downward Trend

                            Confirmed infections of COVID-19, an epidemic caused by a novel coronavirus, on the Chinese mainland rose by 508 on Monday to 77,658, according to the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-02-25 15:15

                            Legislators Consider Prohibition of Wildlife Trade

                            A draft decision on cracking down on the illegal wildlife trade and eliminating the risky practice of eating such animals is being deliberated among Chinese legislators as a move to ensure people's safety and keep public health secure.

                            Source:|2020-02-24 12:05

                            Joint Expert Mission Reports Findings to Health Minister

                            A joint mission comprising experts from China and the World Health Organization traveled to Hubei province, center of the novel coronavirus outbreak, over the weekend and shared their major findings and suggestions with China's minister of health Ma Xiaow

                            Source:|2020-02-24 12:03

                            New Coronavirus Infections Number in the Hundreds across China

                            New novel coronavirus infections on the Chinese mainland were reported to number 409 in the past 24 hours, for a cumulative total of 77,150, the National Health Commission announced on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-02-24 12:00

                            China Greenlights New Coronavirus Detection Method

                            China has approved two antibody detection reagent of novel coronavirus, a new method of detecting the disease, according to Zhong Nanshan, a prominent Chinese expert in respiratory disease, on Sunday.

                            Source:|2020-02-24 11:43

                            China Makes Headway in Curing COVID-19 Patients: NHC

                            China has made progress in curing patients of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as it steps up epidemic prevention and control measures and medical reinforcements, a health official said Saturday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-23 13:31

                            China's Newly Recovered Coronavirus Patients Outnumber New Infections

                            China's daily number of newly cured and discharged novel coronavirus patients has surpassed that of new confirmed infections for the fifth consecutive day, according to the National Health Commission Sunday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-23 11:44

                            China Issues Guideline on Resuming Work, Production amid Epidemic Control

                            The State Council has issued a guideline on strengthening enterprises' measures preventing and containing the novel coronavirus spread in a bid to promote work and production resumption in an orderly manner.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-23 11:28

                            Force Majeure Certificates Issued for Companies Affected by Epidemic

                            China has issued 3,325 force majeure certificates as of Friday to protect companies from legal damage arising from novel coronavirus epidemic, data released by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade showed.

                            Source:|2020-02-22 13:58

                            Scientists Isolate COVID-19 Strain from Urine

                            Chinese researchers have isolated a novel coronavirus strain from swab sample of infected patients' urine, said Zhao Jincun, a member of Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan's research group, at a press conference held in Guangzhou on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-02-22 13:44

                            Aviation Expert Hails China's Use of High-tech to Fight Epidemic

                            A veteran British aviation expert has praised China's efforts to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak as right and effective, especially its use of drones and robotic technology to fight the pathogen.

                            Source:|2020-02-22 13:09

                            China Adopts COVID-19 as Official English Name for Disease

                            The National Health Commission has changed the official English name of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus to COVID-19, adopting the title created by the World Health Organization.

                            Source:|2020-02-22 12:59

                            TCM Treatment Effective against Novel Coronavirus, Says Official

                            Integrating traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine to treat the novel coronavirus patients has been proven to be effective, a top official with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-02-21 16:32

                            China Ensures Medical Supplies for Frontline Medics

                            Medical supplies are generally guaranteed in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, said Lian Weiliang, a member of the central government group guiding epidemic control work in Central China's Hubei province on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-02-21 16:11

                            Combining TCM, Western Medicine Effective against Virus

                            Integrating traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine to treat novel coronavirus patients has proved effective, a top official with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-21 15:56

                            Virus Vaccine Candidate to Start Clinical Trials in Late April

                            The fastest vaccine candidate targeting the novel coronavirus is expected to begin clinical trials in late April, according to Xu Nanping, vice-minister for science and technology on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-02-21 15:46

                            Nation Steps up Efforts to Tackle Labor Shortage

                            China has ramped up efforts to mobilize workers to meet the labor demands of companies as they resume production amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, including offering chartered transportation service to curb the spread of the epidemic during the

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-20 14:38

                            Cure Rates on a Steady Rise, Report Says

                            Through joint efforts of the whole nation, China's highest-level prevention and control measures have proved quite effective, according to a report published by the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies on Feb 14.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-20 14:30

                            Global Health Experts Condemn Virus Conspiracy against Chinese Scientists

                            In an open letter published in the British medical journal Lancet on Tuesday, a group of health experts from across the world condemned conspiracy theories surrounding the contagious novel coronavirus, which broke out in Central China's Wuhan, and voiced

                            Source:|2020-02-20 14:12

                            TCM Treatment Proves Effective against Virus in 89% of Cases in Guangdong

                            A total of 1,245 of confirmed novel coronavirus patients in South China's Guangdong province, or about 94 percent of all the patients, had received traditional Chinese medicine treatment apart from western medicine methods by Tuesday.

                            Source:|2020-02-20 14:06

                            TCM Can Be Used Safely to Fight Epidemic with Lab Evidence: Expert

                            Some traditional Chinese medicines have long been used clinically and once evidence is available in the lab that they stop the novel coronavirus from entering cells or reducing the cytokine storm, they can be used safely in treating coronavirus infected p

                            Source:|2020-02-19 11:59

                            China's Chang'e 4 Probe Resumes Work for 15th Lunar Day

                            The lander and rover of the Chang'e 4 probe have resumed work for the 15th lunar day on the far side of the moon after sleeping during the extremely cold night.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-19 11:56

                            Front-line Medical Staff Assured Their Families Will Be Cared for

                            Families of medical staff who are fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia will be taken care of by governments or other social groups if they need help.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-19 11:38

                            Coronavirus Infections Continue Daily Drop outside Hubei

                            With an increase of 1,749 over the course of Tuesday, total infections of the novel coronavirus on the Chinese mainland have reached 74,185, according to the National Health Commission.

                            Source:|2020-02-19 11:34

                            New Infections of NCP Drop for 14th Consecutive Day outside Hubei

                            China's daily new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outside Hubei, the epicenter province of the outbreak, have dropped for 14 consecutive days.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-18 13:21

                            Annual 'Two Sessions' May Be Delayed Due to Epidemic

                            China's two sessions, the country's biggest annual political event, may be postponed this year due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source:|2020-02-18 13:10

                            Majority of Novel Coronavirus Patients Nationwide Receive TCM Treatments

                            More than 85 percent of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients nationwide have received Traditional Chinese Medicine as a means of treatment, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-02-18 13:03

                            WHO-China Expert Team Begins Coronavirus Field Inspections

                            A joint expert team consisting of experts from China and the World Health Organization Monday began field inspections on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak, a Chinese health official said Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-18 12:51

                            5G Technology Powerful Weapon in China’s Fight against Epidemic

                            The 5G technology is playing an increasingly significant role in China’s recent battle against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-17 17:11

                            Novel Coronavirus Severity in Patients Drops Significantly

                            The severity rate of people infected with the novel coronavirus has seen a significant decrease nationwide as of Saturday midnight, according to the country's health authority on Sunday.

                            Source:|2020-02-17 17:01

                            Post-Spring Festival Trips Down 82%

                            There will be no peak period during this year's 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, which will end on Tuesday, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Transport said over the weekend.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-17 16:58

                            First Antiviral Drug Approved to Fight Coronavirus

                            Favilavir, formerly known as Fapilavir, an antiviral that has shown efficacy in treating the novel coronavirus, was approved for marketing, the Taizhou government in Zhejiang province announced Sunday.

                            Source:|2020-02-17 16:55

                            Recovery Rate Boosted by Better Treatment for Critically Ill

                            A senior National Health Commission official said Saturday that the bolstered efforts to treat critically ill patients have helped boost the recovery rate for the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

                            Source:|2020-02-16 13:35

                            No Return Travel Peak Expected as Holiday to End Soon

                            There won't be a travel peak for returnees in a traditional sense as this year's Spring Festival travel season is coming to an end soon, according to the vice-minister of transport Liu Xiaoming.

                            Source:|2020-02-16 13:33

                            Nation's Youngest Coronavirus Patient Cured and Released from Hospital

                            A 67-day-old baby on Saturday became China's youngest novel coronavirus pneumonia patient to be cured and discharged from hospital so far.

                            Source:|2020-02-16 13:25

                            Some Coronavirus Vaccine Varieties Undergoing Animal Testing

                            China has put some varieties of the vaccine for the novel coronavirus into animal tests as researchers are making their utmost efforts to shorten the development time period, a senior official with the Ministry of Science and Technology said on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-02-16 13:24

                            Governments Take Steps to Ensure Steady Farm Product Supply

                            Central and local level governments will gather information on the production, sale, storage and processing ability of agricultural products across the country to ensure sufficient supply of necessities and maintain market stability, according to the Mini

                            Source:|2020-02-15 13:56

                            Masks, Goggles and Alcohol Wipes Become Hot Valentine's Day Gifts

                            With shops closed and theaters empty due to the coronavirus outbreak, lovers have been exchanging face masks and sanitizers on Valentine's Day rather than letters and chocolates as tokens of love.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-15 13:45

                            1st Child with Critical Condition Recovers

                            The first child diagnosed with critical novel coronavirus pneumonia on the Chinese mainland has recovered and was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Thursday.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-15 13:43

                            Cabin Hospitals See Good Treatment Results, Says Health Official

                            The use of cabin hospitals won't result in cross infection while it has achieved a good performance in treating the novel coronavirus pneumonia, a senior national health commission official said on Saturday.

                            Source:|2020-02-15 13:40

                            China Thanks Global Community for Its Support

                            China on Thursday commended people across the world, especially those young people who support the Chinese people in combating the novel coronavirus, expressing gratitude for their kindness and compassion.

                            Source:|2020-02-14 11:17

                            1st Mainland Child Diagnosed with Critical Novel Coronavirus Recovers

                            The first child diagnosed with critical novel coronavirus pneumonia on the Chinese mainland has recovered and was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-02-14 11:14

                            209 Leading TCM Experts Direct Cabin Hospital in Wuhan

                            The team consists of 209 TCM experts from first tier hospitals in Tianjin, East China's Jiangsu, Central China's Henan and Hunan and North China's Shanxi provinces.

                            Source:|2020-02-14 11:08

                            Smart Tech System Helps Communities Ward off Virus

                            China's tech powerhouses are lending a helping hand in community management as the stringent supervision of population flows becomes critical to prevent the further spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-14 11:03

                            Chinese Scientists Divided on Official Scientific Name for Novel Coronavirus

                            Chinese scientists are divided on the official scientific name of the novel coronavirus, with supporters saying the name is descriptive and follows typical classification practices, while others claiming it could easily be misunderstood and abused to caus

                            Source:|2020-02-13 11:04

                            Officials Strive to Ensure Sufficient Overseas Flights

                            China's civil aviation authority has been stepping up efforts to ensure sufficient international flights to meet people's travel and business demands amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-13 11:00

                            No Evidence Found of Mother-to-baby Transmission

                            Although infection by the novel coronavirus may have adverse effects on newborns, recent medical research has yet to confirm mother-to-baby transmission.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-13 10:54

                            Revised Diagnosis Criteria Leads to Surge in Confirmed Cases

                            A revision in the diagnosis criteria for the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei province has resulted in a sudden surge in the number of confirmed patients in the province on Wednesday, the provincial health commission said on Thursday.

                            Source:|2020-02-13 10:51

                            China Advises Domestic Companies Overseas to Tighten Management on Work

                            China urged domestic companies conducting overseas business to tighten their management on the resumption of work, take epidemic prevention measures and make emergency plans, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

                            Source:|2020-02-12 11:12

                            Medical Workers Will Receive More Support

                            China unveiled measures on Tuesday to beef up support for medical workers devoted to curbing the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, including steps to improve their working conditions and ensure their mental and physical health.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-12 11:06

                            Scientists Busy with Research into Source of the Outbreak

                            The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, Hubei province, where the novel coronavirus outbreak was first reported, lies only about 800 meters from Hankou Railway Station, one of the busiest in the city.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-12 10:58

                            New PolyU System Can Detect Virus in an Hour

                            Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced on Tuesday it has developed new testing system for diagnosing the novel coronavirus within one hour.

                            Source:|2020-02-12 10:52

                            Nationwide Efforts to Fight Epidemic Shows China’s Sense of Responsibility to World

                            China’s nationwide efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic show the country’s capability, strength and confidence in defeating the epidemic and its sense of responsibility to the world.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-11 12:01

                            Researchers Discover Unusually Large Bird Wing in Dinosaur-era Amber

                            BEIJING -- An international team of researchers announced Monday that they have discovered an amber containing parts of an unusually large ancient bird wing dating back around 99 million years.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:51

                            Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Starts Animal Trials

                            A candidate vaccine targeting the novel coronavirus has been tested on animals, according to a report Monday on news portal, citing sources with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:41

                            Chinese Scientist Awarded UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in Life Sciences

                            Chinese Nobel laureate Tu Youyou has been awarded the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences for her research into parasitic diseases.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:39

                            China's Mask Production Recovering as Work Resumption Quickens

                            China's mask production capacity is recovering steadily as producers race to resume production in full gear to ensure enough supply for control of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-10 13:55

                            Chinese E-commerce Platforms Play Active Roles in Battle against Novel Coronavirus

                            Since the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus in China in late December 2019, e-commerce platforms in the country have taken active moves to help the country tackle the crisis, working hard to ensure timely supply of items for daily use as

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-10 13:52

                            Govt to Ramp up Production of Essential Goods, Medical Supplies

                            China is ramping up efforts to speed up production and increase the market supply of necessities and medical products as part of its larger efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak, said the country's top economic regulator.

                            Source:|2020-02-10 13:43

                            Government Works to Increase Access to Medical Supplies

                            China is working hard to increase medical supplies and daily necessities and is calling on more companies to return to full production after the holiday as part of its broader drive to fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-10 13:34

                            Second New Wuhan Hospital Starts Receiving Patients

                            The second makeshift hospital built to accommodate patients suspected of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan received the first batch of patients on Saturday night.

                            Source:|2020-02-09 14:51

                            Foreign Politicians, Experts Confident about China's Battle against Coronavirus Outbreak

                            Politicians and specialists worldwide have voiced their confidence that China will win battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak and appreciated China's measures in curbing the epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-09 14:36

                            Solidarity, Cooperation Indispensable to Battle against Novel Coronavirus

                            In the face of public health crisis, all countries should unite as one and cooperate with each other to ride out the storm.

                            Source: People's Daily|2020-02-09 14:28

                            Latest Epidemic Data Indicate Stronger Screening, Testing Capabilities

                            The total number of confirmed nationwide cases of the novel coronavirus has surpassed total suspected cases for four consecutive days and the gap keeps widening, signifying stronger screening and testing capabilities.

                            Source:|2020-02-09 14:01

                            Pangolins a Potential Intermediate Host of Novel Coronavirus: Study

                            The genome sequence of the novel coronavirus strain separated from pangolins was 99 percent identical to that from infected people, indicating pangolins may be an intermediate host of the virus, a study has found.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-08 15:09

                            Recovery Figures Show Positive Signs in Coronavirus Fight

                            Severe or even critical patients infected with the novel coronavirus will be able to recover under positive medical treatment.

                            Source:|2020-02-08 15:06

                            'Cabin Hospital' Model Receives Praise in Virus Containment

                            Establishing mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province, is an effective way to increase admission capacity of patients infected with novel coronavirus, an official with the National Health Commission said on Friday.

                            Source:|2020-02-08 15:00

                            More Flights Dispatched for Retrieving Stranded Chinese

                            Xiamen Airlines has dispatched 10 more flights to Manila, the Philippines to retrieving stranded Chinese on Wednesday, the second such move after sending a flight each to Bangkok, Thailand and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on Jan 31.

                            Source:|2020-02-08 14:33

                            Chinese Hospitals Launch Free Online Medical Consultation to Ease Pressure

                            More Chinese hospitals have launched free online medical consultation services to relieve pressure on hospitals and reduce the chance of cross infection amid the novel coronavirus spread.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-07 13:25

                            China Asks Businesses to Resume Operation Orderly

                            Chinese authorities Thursday asked businesses outside Hubei Province to resume operation in an orderly manner while continuing to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-07 13:16

                            Despite Coronavirus Outbreak, China Will Continue to Advance

                            For a nation, the greatest glory consists not in never falling, but rising when it falls.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-07 13:15

                            Wuhan Mourns Death of Doctor Who Warned of Virus

                            The Wuhan government released a notice, mourning the doctor who sounded an early warning about the novel coronavirus outbreak and died of the disease.

                            Source:|2020-02-07 13:12

                            Chinese Researchers Develop Efficient Hydrogen Production Method from Industrial Waste

                            Chinese researchers have developed a new method to produce hydrogen from the industrial waste of sulfureted hydrogen, according to a recent study paper published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-06 13:44

                            PLA Logistics Force Swings into Action to Boost Flow of Medical Supplies

                            The People’s Liberation Army Joint Logistic Support Force has been making all-out efforts to purchase materials badly needed in the fight against the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic.

                            Source:|2020-02-06 13:42

                            First Long March 5B Rocket Arrives at Launch Center

                            The first Long March 5B carrier rocket arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province on Wednesday for prelaunch preparations.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-06 13:33

                            Death Rate from Coronavirus Pneumonia Dropping

                            The death rate from pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus on the Chinese mainland has declined by 0.2 percentage points and now stands at 2.1 percent, an official said.

                            Source:|2020-02-05 11:21

                            China Strengthens Epidemic Prevention Measures in Spring Festival Travel Rush

                            China has taken measures to improve novel coronavirus prevention work and ensure safe travels during the Spring Festival travel rush as people are returning to work after the holiday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-05 11:16

                            Huoshenshan Hospital Now Treating Novel Coronavirus Patients

                            By Tuesday night, 45 patients have been transferred to Huoshenshan Hospital, one of two hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province, built to contain patients of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Xu Dixiong, deputy head of the hospital, said in an interview with CCT

                            Source:|2020-02-05 11:14

                            Intl Community Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                            Intl community praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                            Source:|2020-02-05 11:11

                            Health Commission Releases New Coronavirus Numbers

                            The Chinese mainland added 3,235 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 20,438, the National Health Commission said.

                            Source:|2020-02-04 15:25

                            Central Government Offers Favorable Policies, Funds to Fight Epidemic

                            Several departments of China's central government have rolled out favorable policies or provided funds for local governments and individuals to fight the new coronavirus, an official with the National Health Commission (NHC) said Monday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:22

                            China's Lunar Rover Travels 367 Meters on Moon's Far Side

                            China's lunar rover Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit 2) has driven 367.25 meters on the far side of the moon to conduct scientific exploration.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:21

                            China Speeds up Air Transport of Emergency Supplies

                            China's civil air transport is playing its role in delivering emergency supplies to help fight the novel coronavirus epidemic.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:05

                            Foreign Ministry to Hold Daily WeChat Briefings on Coronavirus

                            The Chinese Foreign Ministry will hold daily news briefings online starting Monday due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China.

                            Source:|2020-02-03 14:18

                            China Taking Strong Measures against Wild Animal Trade

                            China will step up efforts to enhance supervision to prevent the shipment and sale of wild animals as preventive and control measures to curb the spreading of the novel coronavirus, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.

                            Source:|2020-02-03 14:15

                            Number of Returning Holiday Travelers Plummets, But Public Disinfections Up

                            With the end of the extended Lunar New Year holiday on Sunday and a large number of travelers hitting the road or boarding flights, China has stepped up disinfection, ventilation and screening measures in public spaces to contain the novel coronavirus out

                            Source: China Daily|2020-02-03 14:13

                            China Can Contain Outbreak as It Has Mobilized Entire Nation, Report Says

                            Chinese government can manage to contain the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei province, and has spread to other parts of China and foreign countries.

                            Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-03 14:08

                            China’s Economy Shows Strong Resilience Despite the Epidemic Outbreak

                            Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China is now facing obstacles that may hinder its economic development in a short run, but the country’s economy will show strong resilience and will not be severely slackened, said experts.

                            Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-02 17:01

                            More Cities Seek to Build Xiaotangshan-style Hospitals

                            More cities have issued plans to build a Xiaotangshan-style hospital to ease the shortage of beds for patients infected by the novel coronavirus after Wuhan, the center of epidemic, has done so.

                            Source:|2020-02-02 16:51

                            Authority Provides Multilingual Coronavirus Prevention Knowledge to Foreigners

                            China's National Immigration Administration has issued a guideline for novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) prevention in six languages including English, Russian, French, German, Japanese and Korean, for foreigners in China.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-02 16:48

                            PLA Medical Personnel to Run New Wuhan Hospital Starting Monday

                            Medical personnel from the People's Liberation Army will take over a newly-constructed hospital in Hubei province's Wuhan dedicated to novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia.

                            Source:|2020-02-02 16:45

                            Phone Numbers Required to Buy Train Tickets Starting Saturday

                            Starting on Saturday, passengers will be required to provide their phone numbers when buying train tickets as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to the country's top railway operator.

                            Source:|2020-02-01 16:26

                            First Batch of Charter Flights Brings Back 199 Stranded Hubei Residents

                            The first batch of charter flights sent by the Chinese government Friday evening brought back 199 stranded Hubei residents from overseas following the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:14

                            China Builds More SARS Treatment-model Hospitals to Fight Epidemic

                            More hospitals designed to replicate the SARS treatment model are popping up across China as the country mobilizes medical resources nationwide to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:11

                            China Further Extends Holiday in Coronavirus Hard-hit Regions

                            China's central authorities approved Friday further extending the Spring Festival holiday in the novel coronavirus hard-hit Hubei Province to curb the outbreak.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:09

                            Intl Community Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                            Intl community praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                            Source:|2020-01-31 17:39

                            China to Continue Work with WHO, Countries to Safeguard Health

                            China has confidence and capability to win the battle against the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday after the World Health Organization declared the pneumonia outbreak in China a public health emergency of inter

                            Source:|2020-01-31 17:37

                            2 Flights Set to Return Wuhan Travelers Overseas to China

                            The Civil Aviation Administration of China has arranged two flights on Friday to bring back Wuhan travelers who remain abroad due to the city's lockdown amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                            Source:|2020-01-31 17:25

                            China Says Has Full Confidence, Capability to Control Epidemic

                            China has full confidence and capability to win the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, a foreign ministry spokesperson said Friday.

                            Source: Xinhua|2020-01-31 17:20

                            Railway Corporation Using Big Data to Trace Potential Virus Carrier

                            China Railway Corporation has set up a big data group to help find passengers who took the same railway compartment as people who have contracted the novel coronavirus.

                            Source:|2020-01-30 17:15

                            WHO Head Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                            WHO head praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                            Source:|2020-01-30 16:55

                            World Shows Support for Wuhan and China

                            Amid a surge in the number of coronavirus cases — the total surpassed 7,000 on Wednesday — people outside China have shown empathy and support for China in fighting back against the outbreak. Boeing will donate 250,000 medical-grade respiratory masks to

                            Source:|2020-01-30 16:50

                            Xi Encourages Unity against Coronavirus

                            Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, issued an instruction regarding the novel coronavirus on Monday.

                            Source:|2020-01-28 15:43





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